Oil and Gas

Clariant’s MegaMax® 800 catalyst achieved an outstanding performance at CNOOC’s Davy methanol plant in Hainan, China

Clariant’s MegaMax 800 catalysts for methanol synthesis. (Photo: Clariant)Clariant has been awarded another major contract by China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) for its high-performance methanol synthesis catalyst, MegaMax 800. The Chinese oil and gas producer first used the catalyst at their Fudao plant in 2018, achieving record accumulative methanol production and plant reliability. The catalyst’s excellent performance has now resulted in its reorder which completed refilling and start-up in June 2021.

Clariant contributes to China's carbon neutrality goal with innovative MegaMax® catalyst for CO2-based methanol synthesis

MegaMax series for CO2-based methanol production. 
(Photo: Clariant)Clariant's MegaMax catalyst series for CO2-based methanol production helps China reach its carbon neutrality target. Capturing and converting CO2 emissions is a cornerstone of the technology roadmap for addressing climate change. Synthesizing methanol from CO2 is a particularly valuable approach because methanol forms a building block for thousands of chemical products such as plastics, paints, cosmetics, and fuels — including providing an energy storage carrier for hydrogen.



Clariant opens state-of-the-art catalyst China R&D center at its new Shanghai “One Clariant Campus”

Clariant’s state-of-the-art catalyst R&D center in the new “One Clariant Campus” building in Shanghai. (Photo: Clariant)Clariant Catalysts has opened a new, state-of-the-art R&D center at its “One Clariant Campus” (OCC) in Shanghai. This R&D Center is integrated into the brand new Clariant Innovation Center China within the One Clariant Campus, and will foster Clariant’s R&D capabilities in China. To date, Clariant is one of the only international companies to have built a full-fledged comprehensive catalyst research unit in China.

Clariant signs catalysis research partnership with prestigious ETH Zurich university

Main building of ETH Zurich in Switzerland. 
(Photo: ETH Zurich, Marcus Bertschi)Clariant, a focused, sustainable and innovative specialty chemical company, has signed a cooperation agreement with ETH Zurich to support research in catalysis and sustainable chemistry with a significant financial contribution over an initial period of ten years. The goal of the partnership is, firstly, to advance the understanding of catalyst properties – from nano- to macroscale – and their performance. Secondly, together with the ETH Foundation, Clariant will sponsor and collaborate in fundamental chemical research projects, promoting talented ETH scientists and students.

科莱恩 CATOFIN催化剂再次中标宁波金发

科莱恩 CATOFIN催化剂再次中标宁波金发丙烷脱氢(PDH)项目。
(图片来源:科莱恩)科莱恩今天宣布获得宁波金发新材料有限公司的一份合同,为其两套新建PDH装置,以及一套于2014年开车的现有PDH装置换剂提供CATOFIN催化剂和发热材料(HGM)。该项目是科莱恩与其长期工艺技术合作伙伴鲁姆斯技术(Lummus Technology)的合作成果。