KRAIBURG TPE to expand activities in the consumer sector

Toys for babies and very young children need particularly high product safety. KRAIBURG TPE offers a special product portfolio for these applications. 
(Image: © 2019 KRAIBURG TPE)Regulatory requirements and consumer protection are key in supporting the consumer market. KRAIBURG TPE has addressed this situation, acquiring comprehensive knowledge in the field, and has built up a product portfolio based on this expertise.

ARLANXEO’s Keltan® KSA opens flagship online Customer Self-Service Platform

ARLANXEOIn 2018 ARLANXEO, a leading synthetic elastomers company, signed an agreement with Saudi Aramco to market and sell its share of Ethylene Propylene Diene rubbers (EPDM) produced in its Petro Rabigh joint-venture plant. These new EPDM grades are marketed and sold by ARLANXEO under its own Keltan trademark with the extension KSA, standing for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

ARLANXEO introduces new Keltan Eco based TPVs cradle-to-cradle applications

ARLANXEO introduces new Keltan Eco based TPVs cradle-to-cradle applications.
(Photo ARLANXEO, ARPR0421)ARLANXEO, a global leader in performance elastomers, introduces its new thermoplastic vulcanisates (TPVs) that combine Keltan Eco ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber (EPDM) with green fillers, plasticizers and thermoplastics, resulting in EPDM products with up to 90% sustainable ingredients.

ARLANXEO invests to reinforce its market position in synthetic rubber

ARLANXEOARLANXEO is strengthening its position as the world’s leading manufacturer of synthetic rubber. Over the next three years, ARLANXEO will invest EUR mid double-digit million to modernize its production sites in Triunfo, Brazil and La Wantzenau, France.

New high viscosity EVM rubber for most demanding applications

Veritas fuel hose made of high quality Levapren from ARLANXEO.
(Photo Veritas, ARPR040)ARLANXEO, a leading global manufacturer of synthetic elastomers, has launched Levapren® PXL, a new ethylene-vinyl acetate rubber (EVM). The new EVM products are characterized by a particularly high viscosity and easier processing, which is needed when manufacturing high-quality hoses, cable sheathings and floor coverings.

ARLANXEO: Innovative Therban solution with new Termonomer

ARLANXEO: Innovative Therban solution with new Termonomer. 
(Photo Istock, ARPR039)ARLANXEO, a leading global manufacturer of synthetic elastomers, will present its new terpolymer Therban® ST 3107 VP at DKT 2018 (German Rubber Conference). The fully hydrogenated nitrile rubber (HNBR) has a new, innovative termonomer, which has never been used before with HNBR rubbers.