ELIX Polymers exhibits its new E-LOOP products made with recycled content at FAKUMA

ELIX Polymers exhibits its new E-LOOP products made with recycled content at Fakuma.
(Photo: ELIX Polymers, PR063)After a year without trade fairs, ELIX Polymers is looking forward to exhibiting its new sustainable E-LOOP products and services. Fakuma 2021 will be held in Friedrichshafen, southern Germany, on October 12-16, and the specialty ABS supplier will be located at Stand 5002 in Hall B5 to show its latest innovations.

Milliken colorant, additive and sustainability solutions on full display at Fakuma 2021

Millad NX 8000 ECO sustainable clarifying agent for polypropylene.
(Photo © 2021 Milliken & Company, all rights reserved, MKPR255)
Milliken & Company, a globally recognized leader in polymer additives and colorants, offers many ways to improve your resin formulations, compounds, end products and sustainability. As an exhibitor in Booth B2-2105 at Fakuma 2021, Milliken will be showcasing its portfolio, and offering access to the vast technical knowledge of its various experts.

German market leader Wieland Electric switches to DOMAMID® 6LVGT85 for installation connectors

Connectors GST18i3 (3-pole) & GST18i5. 
(Photo courtesy: Wieland Electric GmbH)Domo Chemicals, a leading integrated solution provider, and PA6 and PA66 supplier, to the plastics processing industry, is driving materials development to meet evolving market needs and is working with customers to select the best base materials for specific applications.

INEOS Styrolution introduces first post-consumer recycled Novodur® ECO specialty ABS solutions

INEOS StyrolutionINEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, announced today the introduction of the first Novodur® ECO specialty ABS and Novodur® ECO High Heat grades being the result of mechanically recycled post-consumer waste.

Solvay Helps La Méridionale’s Ferry Go Beyond Emissions Regulations

A look inside the filter where Solvay's SOLVAir® Marine Solution is employed to remove up to 99% of SOx and particulate matter. (Photo: Solvay, PR007)Following a successful test run showing excellent environmental performance, Solvay’s SOLVAir® Marine solution for dry exhaust gas treatment will be adopted on all engines of La Méridionale’s passenger (RoPAX) ferry Piana, following close collaboration with engineering partner ANDRITZ. The partnership will enable La Méridionale to comply with International Maritime Organization (IMO) 2020 regulations for the reduction of SOx (sulfur oxides) emissions and will facilitate removal of 99.9% of particulate matter (PM). This new project represents an important milestone in exhaust gas cleaning within the maritime sector, as it is the first successful use of a dry sorbent-based system on a vessel and enables exhaust gas treatment without the use of any wash water.

Perstorp Potassium Formate: now an EU-registered fertilizer

Perstorp Potassium Formate: now an EU-registered fertilizer. (Photo: Shutterstock)Perstorp Potassium Formate (PoFO) is now registered as a fertilizer, fulfilling the requirements outlined in EC 2002/2003. With this EU registration Perstorp makes it easier for farmers to improve both crop quality and yields as there is no longer a need for local raw material registration when using PoFo based fertilizers, like Amicult K 42.