GE Additive and Orchid sign agreement to enable Orchid to drive scalable metal 3D printing innovation in large joint orthopedic implants

GE Additive and Orchid Orthopedic Solutions sign EBM agreement at RAPID + TCT 2022.
(Photo: GE Additive, GEADPR065)At RAPID + TCT, GE Additive and Orchid Orthopedic Solutions (Orchid) – a global leader in the manufacture of orthopedic implants and instruments – announced they have signed a definitive agreement to continue driving the adoption of additive manufacturing to their suite of technologies through the development of electron beam melting (EBM) solutions in the medical implants sector.

USAF and GE ‘Pacer Edge’ Pathfinder metal 3D prints four out-of-production parts

Metal 3D printed production parts for the Pacer Edge program (printed in cobalt-chrome and nickel alloy 718 on a GE Additive Concept Laser M2) nine months after requirement flow down. 
(Photo: GE Additive, GEADPR063)The US Air Force (USAF) and GE recently entered the third phase of its ‘Pacer Edge’ pathfinder. Phase III has focused on 3D printing for four parts that are currently obsolete: a bellcrank, gearbox seat, anti-icing valve body and a cross shaft arm. The first two parts, the cross shaft arm and the bellcrank, have been successfully printed in cobalt-chrome on a fleet of M2 Series 5 system at GE Additive‘s facility in Cincinnati.

GE Aviation Singapore first to offer metal additive for engine component repair

GE Additive Concept Laser M2 system – the go-to additive solution for the aerospace industry.
(Photo: GE Additive, GEADPR062)As metal additive technology continues to gain momentum in the design and industrial production of new aerospace components, GE Aviation’s Loyang facility is the first maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facility worldwide that has been approved to use metal additive manufacturing for commercial jet engine component repairs.

GE Aviation invests in five M Line metal additive production systems

GE Additive M Line system installed at GE Aviation’s Additive Technology Center (ATC) in West Chester, OH. (L-R: Benito Trevino, general manager – additive integrated product team, GE Aviation and Chris Philp, ATC site leader, GE Aviation).
(Photos: GE Additive, GEADPR061)
GE Aviation is acquiring five GE Additive Concept Laser M Line systems. The first four M Line systems will be installed at GE Aviation’s Additive Technology Center (ATC) in West Chester, Ohio during 2022. A fifth M Line system will be installed at Avio Aero’s Turin site in Italy to support serial production of additive components for the GE Catalyst turboprop engine during 2022.

AP&C inks new agreement with Airbus to provide Titanium powders

AP&C inks new agreement with Airbus to provide Titanium powders.
(Photo: GE Additive, GEADPR058)AP&C – a GE Additive company has announced it has signed a new agreement with Airbus to provide Titanium powders (Ti-6AI-4V) for use in metal additive manufacturing applications. The new multiyear agreement to provide Ti-6AI-4V powders deepens AP&C’s working relationship with Airbus, which dates back several years.

US Air Force and GE reach next milestone in Pacer Edge Program

Bellcrank and cross shaft arm, metal 3D printed in colbalt-chrome on a GE Additive M2 Series 5 machine.
(Photo: GE Additive, GEADPR056)Building on the earlier success and momentum of the Pacer Edge program, the US Air Force (USAF) and GE have entered Phase III of its metal additive manufacturing pathfinder. This phase tackles the USAF’s sustainment behemoth of ‘cold starts’ head-on.