Industry-first high thermal conductivity, fast dispensing liquid thermal interface material arrives on the market

Result after a dispense trial of the Bergquist TGF 7000 with Bdtronic. 
(Photo credit: Bdtronic, PR084)Henkel today announced the debut of its latest thermal interface material (TIM) innovation, Bergquist Gap Filler TGF 7000 (image). The liquid TIM is a major formulation breakthrough, as it effectively marries high thermal conductivity of 7.0 W/mK with a maximum possible speed tested of 18 grams per second, a combination which is currently the only one of its kind. With excellent throughput capability, the novel material is well-suited for applications such as automotive ADAS systems, power conversion systems, electric pumps and ECUs where mass production, reliability and high thermal conductivity are required for today’s smaller footprint, higher power designs.

Husco succeeds in automotive applications with ULTEM resin from SABIC

Husco variable oil pump control technologies made from SABIC's ULTEM™ resin. Husco was an early innovator in variable oil pump control technologies. These products improve efficiency by allowing engines to scale their oil usage in response to driving conditions. And for over a decade now, Husco has been developing and producing solenoid valves for a wide range of cylinder deactivation applications. These valves control engine systems that turn specific cylinders on and off in order to maximize efficiency and performance.High-performance automotive component supplier Husco says it is looking forward to continuing its collaboration with SABIC as it develops new innovations for next-generation vehicles based on ULTEM resin polyetherimide (PEI).

New performance gasketing for the automotive industry

Henkel’s new gasketing technology allows for direct dispensation of a liquid gasket onto parts. 
(Photo: Henkel, PR083)Henkel has recently expanded its gasketing product portfolio by including new materials and technologies that have been specifically designed for the automotive industry. With higher oil resistance and proven lower gas permeability, Loctite AA 5884 is a new polyacrylate gasketing technology that enables customers to enhance the performance and reliability of their products, all while achieving productivity goals and reducing overall costs.

New Clariant additive solutions will add more than just a finishing touch to North America’s industrial coatings

Boosting performance of industrial coatings while reducing environmental impact.
(Photo: Clariant)Clariant unveils solutions fit for elevating industrial coatings to the demanding performance and increasing sustainability requirements of North America’s diverse end-users – the automotive, transportation, building & construction, and consumer & household goods industries.

Clariant raises the bar for sustainable coatings solutions with new additives, dispersants and pigments available now to the North American Market

Bring out the wonder in wood, naturally: Clariant is launching new solutions for the paints and coatings industry. 
(Photo: Clariant)As we enter a new decade, where the environment will be an increased focus for businesses and consumers around the world, Clariant is stepping up to the challenge and supporting the industry with a full suite of more sustainable additives and coatings solutions.

Working together to help people with reliable quality

Mask system with modular design that combines a cleanable half-mask and an exchangeable filter. (Image: © 2020 BaS)While high-quality thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) from KRAIBURG TPE are used in many everyday applications such as toothbrushes, razors, automotive components, and others, they have also become indispensable in numerous areas of systemic importance. The current corona pandemic is an increasing challenge for both healthcare and social systems in particular. Currently, our TPEs are used in medical applications such as valves, connections and tubes for ventilators, face masks, respirators, as well as simple buttons and elastic straps.