KRAIBURG TPE ( is a global manufacturer of thermoplastic elastomers. From its beginning in 2001 as a subsidiary of the historical KRAIBURG Group founded in 1947, KRAIBURG TPE has pioneered in TPE compounds, today being the competence leader in this industry. With production sites in Germany, the U.S., and Malaysia, the company offers a broad range of compounds for applications in the automotive, industrial, consumer, and strictly regulated medical sectors. The established THERMOLAST®, COPEC®, HIPEX®, and For Tec E® product lines are processed by injection molding or extrusion and provide numerous processing and product design advantages to manufacturers. KRAIBURG TPE features innovative capabilities as well as true global customer orientation, customized product solutions and reliable service. The company is certified to ISO 50001 at its headquarters in Germany and holds ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications at all global sites. In 2018, KRAIBURG TPE, with 640 employees worldwide, generated sales of 189 million euros.

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KRAIBURG TPE is supplying a skin-friendly thermoplastic elastomer for an innovative Protos® headset

An easily fusible compound from the VS/AD/HM THERMOLAST® K series from KRAIBURG TPE gives the gray headband of the Protos® Headset Integral from Pfanner Schutzbekleidung GmbH a pleasantly soft and velvety touch and nonirritant skin tolerance in accordance with ISO 10993-10. (Image: © 2020 Pfanner Schutzbekleidung)The Austria-based company Pfanner Schutzbekleidung GmbH is having the headband for its Protos® Headset Integral manufactured by injection molding of a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) from KRAIBURG TPE. The material provides excellent processability and ensures high wearing comfort.

Foam-free and extremely lightweight for sophisticated components

KRAIBURG TPE’s innovative new technology for thermoplastic elastomers with very low material density allows the production of extremely lightweight thin-walled moldings by injection molding and extrusion that provide excellent surface quality and are able to withstand mechanical loads. (Image: © 2020 KRAIBURG TPE)KRAIBURG TPE has developed an innovative material technology that enables the production of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) with very low density. The result is three new product lines for extremely weight-saving components of a type that is in increasing demand for vehicle construction, power tools and various other application areas.

Fused deposition modeling with 3D printers using thermoplastic elastomers from KRAIBURG TPE

Most of KRAIBURG TPE’s thermoplastic elastomers are perfectly suitable for being processed by 3D granule printers from Pollen AM’s P series, which can also manufacture functional multicomponent parts additively using fused deposition modeling (FDM). (Image: © 2019 Pollen AM)KRAIBURG TPE has performed extensive tests to examine the suitability of its thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) for use in additive manufacturing (AM). The tests have shown that almost all of the company’s TPEs can be processed with excellent results using fused deposition modeling (FDM) on devices from Pollen AM.

KRAIBURG TPE is focusing on e-mobility market with a comprehensive TPE portfolio

KRAIBURG TPE is focusing on the new mobility market – including e-mobility – with a broad range of thermoplastic elastomers. 
(Image: © 2020 KRAIBURG TPE)
With its broad range of thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) and specific focus on the trends and challenges of electromobility, KRAIBURG TPE is in a good position to support OEMs and system suppliers in advancing decisive innovations in this fast-growing market segment.

KRAIBURG TPE supplies co-extruded TPEs with optimum adhesion to PA for high-quality corrugated tubes

A new type of Polyflex corrugated tube for cable management systems in vehicle construction, which is co-extruded combining polyamide and a thermoplastic elastomer from KRAIBURG TPE that provides outstanding temperature resistance, processability, adhesion and surface quality. 
(Image: © 2019 Schlemmer)An innovative new thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) family made by KRAIBURG TPE transfers the established properties of injection-moldable TPEs for multicomponent applications with polyamide (PA) to extrusion. Cable management systems in motor vehicles are the first application for which the Schlemmer Group (Munich) is producing new types of Polyflex corrugated tubes by co-extruding PA and a THERMOLAST® K AD/PA/CS2 compound.

Run Photon run… with compounds from KRAIBURG TPE

The Photon interactive educational robot with feelers, eyes and running surfaces made of THERMOLAST® K compounds from KRAIBURG TPE. 
(Image: © 2019 Photon Entertainment Sp. z o. o.)KRAIBURG TPE is supplying thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) for several functional components of the Photon, an innovative educational robot. Two established THERMOLAST® K compounds are being used for the running surfaces as well as the feelers and eyes of the interactive robot. These compounds include a highly transparent product from the FC/ht series that complies with the DIN EN 71-3 toy standard.

KRAIBURG TPE will be presenting a flexible material development platform for thermoplastic elastomer hybrids at K 2019

KRAIBURG TPE will be presenting a flexible material development platform for thermoplastic elastomer hybrids at K 2019.
(Image: © 2019 KRAIBURG TPE)KRAIBURG TPE has introduced an advanced new technology platform for thermoplastic elastomer hybrids (TEHs), to close the performance gap between thermoplastic elastomers and conventional elastomer compounds. The TEH compounds are tailor-made to fit customers’ specific applications. Combined with selected elastomers, the compounds provide the same features as elastomers while maintaining the favorable workability of TPEs. The company will be presenting this innovative technology in detail during the K 2019 trade fair held in Düsseldorf (Hall 6, Booths C-58-04 and E22)

KRAIBURG TPE to introduce the world’s first VDI 2017-compliant THERMOLAST® M compounds for TPE/PA composite applications

The world’s first MGP-certified TPE series with adhesion to polyamide is perfectly suitable for medical devices. 
(Image: © 2019 KRAIBURG TPE)With its new MC/AD/PA THERMOLAST® M series, KRAIBURG TPE launches the first thermoplastic elastomers that not only hold certifications for healthcare applications in accordance with EU and FDA standards but can also be combined directly with polyamides.

New compounds from KRAIBURG TPE for automotive exterior applications

New compounds from KRAIBURG TPE for automotive exterior applications. 
(Image: © 2019 KRAIBURG TPE)KRAIBURG TPE has extended its portfolio of thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) by additional efficient compounds. The four new THERMOLAST® K types are primarily suited for sophisticated hard-soft composite components with high requirements in relation to surface quality and permanent weather resistance.

KRAIBURG TPE is setting new standards in applications with food contact

The new compounds from the FC/CM1 and FC/CM2 THERMOLAST® K series meet the highest standards for controlled migration behavior of plastics with food contact and are suitable for applications such as reusable lunch boxes, shakers, dosing valves and resealable bowls, etc. 
(Image: © 2019 KRAIBURG TPE)With its two new compound series, FC/CM1 and FC/CM2, KRAIBURG TPE meets the most important set of rules on applications with food contact: Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 and Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 (21CFR) of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These new series have been especially developed for applications with food contact and additionally provide pleasant touch characteristics and enhanced organoleptic properties. The target applications include reusable packaging, dosing valves and food dispensers.

KRAIBURG TPE supplies compound for innovative cosmetics dispenser

CORADIN, a renowned and growing French developer and injection molder of cosmetics and medical packaging, produces the flexible dosing element that is fitted into the base of its patented ECODIS® range of products using multi-component injection molding to combine a thermoplastic elastomer from KRAIBURG TPE with polypropylene. The company is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 15378 and ISO 13485. 
(Image: © 2019 CORADIN)With a chemically resistant and soft-touch thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) made by KRAIBURG TPE, the product developers at CORADIN, a French injection molder, have redefined the way liquid cosmetics are dosed and prepared. The flexible dosing element made of TPE, which is integrated into the base of the patented ECODIS® and has won several awards, allows comfortable and clean application of care products.

Flame-retardant TPEs with adhesion to polyamides

Image: © 2019 KRAIBURG TPEThe increasing use of thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) in multi-component applications with thermoplastics requires a solid understanding of the influences that affect the adhesion properties. This applies in particular if the hard component is a polyamide and the application requires a high level of fire protection. The following article explains the issue and the state of technology.