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Sustainably brilliant - discover the expanded Colanyl® 500 range for vibrant orange colors

Colanyl Orange H5GD 500 is a yellowish orange pigment preparation that closes the gap of available waterborne orange preparations allowing the customer to match bright orange shades with high performance.The new Heubach Group, a global provider of comprehensive color solutions, is expanding its well-known Colanyl 500 pigment preparations range with Colanyl Orange H5GD 500 to better illustrate brilliant orange color shades. The new addition to the portfolio makes customers’ lives easier when facing challenges with the stability of Pigment Orange 62 in waterborne applications.

OQ multiplies its client base since 2020 thanks to focus on change and innovation

OQOQ, the multifaceted Oman-based energy company that specialises in polymers for flexible and rigid packaging solutions, continues to innovate and expand with imminent solutions for the infrastructure, construction and agricultural sectors despite the disruptive and challenging backdrop which has defined the decade to date.

Clariant launches 100% bio-based surfactants range driving the transition towards renewable carbon

The Vita range is produced at a fully segregated site, and from the field to the final product, all material flows are kept separate
from fossil-based flows.Driving change. Clariant today unveils its new Vita 100% bio-based surfactants and polyethylene glycols (PEGs) to help directly address climate change by helping remove fossil carbon from the value chain.

Colorants Webshop – creating a better customer experience

Colorants Webshop – a customer portal offering more transparency and a better customer experience.The evolution of eCommerce has been rapid and enables levels of customer experience we could only dream about even 5 years ago. Customers expect more flexibility, more reliability, more transparency, and more speed. B2B customers are increasingly evaluating suppliers, not just based on product performance and sustainability, but also on their reliability, and customer experience.

Discover Clariant’s new Licosperse: eco-compatible pigment preparations for sustainable wood coatings, polishes, and other oil- or wax-based products

Licosperse: A full color spectrum at your disposal - instant implementation of modern wood shades. 
(Photo: Clariant)Clariant, one of the world’s leading providers of superior organic pigments and dyes has expanded its contribution to sustainability with the launch of its new product line, Licosperse, eco-friendlier pigment preparations for polish applications.

Clariant will increase prices for Pigments & Pigment Preparations for Quinacridones

ClariantClariant, a focused and innovative specialty chemical company, today announced global price increases across its Quinacridone product portfolio.