in-cosmetics Latin America 2022

Expo Center Norte, São Paulo

21 - 22 Sep 2022


Sustainable sourcing:
Protecting the skin by protecting the Amazon forest

Sustainable sourcing: Protecting the skin by protecting the Amazon forest.During rainy season, in the summer months of the southern hemisphere, strange thumps can be heard from deep within the Amazon forest. They come from Brazil nut trees, sometimes called the »Queen of the Amazon« because of their majestic height, which drop large, coconut-like pods from the dripping canopy. Each pod holds up to two dozen Brazil nuts, big, rough-shelled seeds that are prized throughout the world both for their taste and the precious nutritious oils they contain.

Clariant highlights its full range of natural ingredients, from active ingredients to oils & butters, for sustainable beauty at in-cosmetics Latin America

ClariantDelight in the largest range of naturally derived ingredients for Personal Care at the Clariant Actives & Natural Origins’ booth at in-cosmetics Latin America under the motto “The science of sustainable beauty”. And find responsibly sourced innovations and inspiration to create more sustainable and efficient products to address consumer care needs, experience desires and format trends in the region (Booth D40, September 21-22).