Fakuma 2021

Friedrichshafen, Germany

12 - 16 Oct 2021


DOMO to bring DOMAMID®, ECONAMID® and THERMEC branded solutions under the market winning TECHNYL® umbrella, worldwide

DOMO to bring DOMAMID®, ECONAMID® and THERMEC™ branded solutions under the market winning TECHNYL® umbrella, worldwide.Following the acquisition by DOMO Chemicals of Performance Polyamides Business (Polytechnyl) in Europe - including the well-known TECHNYL® brand – all current DOMAMID®, ECONAMID® and THERMEC branded solutions will be merged under one TECHNYL® umbrella worldwide.

Solvay wins SPE Automotive Award for Slot Insulation Liner EV Innovation

First place in ‘New Mobility’ category of SPE Central Europe Automotive Awards 2021:
Slot liners molded in Xydar® LCP from Solvay for use as a barrier between the conductive windings and the body of electric rotors. The LCP material offers significant total cost and performance advantages to replace incumbent multi-layer films in these applications. (Photo: Solvay, PR009)Three e-mobility applications using Solvay specialty polymers are among the winners of The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) prestigious Automotive Awards in 2021. First place in the ‘New Mobility’ category of the Awards went to an injection molded rotor slot liner molded with Xydar® LCP, followed by a second place in the ‘Enabler’ category for a magnet wire insulation in KetaSpire®PEEK and a third place in the ‘Powertrain’ category for a coolant line using Ryton®PPS.

Innovative TPE solutions for current challenges from lightweighting to circular economy

KRAIBURG TPE’s exhibit at Fakuma will cover a wide range of topical issues. 
(Image: © 2021 KRAIBURG TPE)At Fakuma 2021 (Booth B5-5303) from October 12 to 16 at Friedrichshafen Exhibition Center, Germany, KRAIBURG TPE will put the spot on several TPE developments targeting critical challenges in the market and highlighting the material manufacturer’s leading role in the thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) segment.

Milliken colorant, additive and sustainability solutions on full display at Fakuma 2021

Millad NX 8000 ECO sustainable clarifying agent for polypropylene.
(Photo © 2021 Milliken & Company, all rights reserved, MKPR255)
Milliken & Company, a globally recognized leader in polymer additives and colorants, offers many ways to improve your resin formulations, compounds, end products and sustainability. As an exhibitor in Booth B2-2105 at Fakuma 2021, Milliken will be showcasing its portfolio, and offering access to the vast technical knowledge of its various experts.