Making Invisible Products Come to Life:
Swiss Technology Award Winning SANITIZED AG launches Sanitized®

Burgdorf, November 11, 2014: SANITIZED AG, active in the international marketplace, is adopting unconventional approaches with its new marketing tool Sanitized® As the global leader and specialist in antimicrobial hygiene and material protection for polymers and textiles, it is bringing the invisible products and their benefits to life in its virtual house. The company, established in the B2B sphere, is taking a further step toward expanding its perception as an ingredient brand.

Prestigious manufacturers of textile and plastic products are using the Sanitized brand –in two different ways: on the one hand, to protect their articles against colonization by bacteria and dust mites (in textiles this prevents, for example, unpleasant odors or premature material aging) and, on the other hand, to convey the benefits of the built-in hygiene function and have a positive effect on the purchasing decision. Their articles, treated with antimicrobial active ingredients, are labeled at the POS with the Sanitized Quality Seal and explanatory hangtags. Well-known companies such as Franke Kitchen Systems Ltd., Forbo Flooring Systems, Marks and Spencer p.I.c., Levi Strauss & Co or Zimtstern GmbH are using this option. This is based on a licensing agreement, covering support during the application of the antimicrobial active ingredients in production as well as support in the marketing area. This also includes the use of the Sanitized brand on the final finished articles.

SANITIZED AG, coming from the B2B world, is facing the challenge of drawing the end customers’ attention to the importance of its products, which are actually invisible. The new Internet platform, Sanitized, was specifically designed and launched for this purpose. In this virtual home visitors receive information and education about how the household environment can be protected against the damaging effects of bacteria, dust mites and fungi in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room. Furthermore, Sanitized reference customers become involved through the interaction with the platform. Thus, clicking on the drawer of the closet opens up an image plus a text about Levi´s Commuter Series, the children fan clothing of FC Bayern München or the yoga mat from Flockan Deutschland. In the living room, buttons lead to Sanitized licensing partners in the carpeting, drapery or upholstery materials area.

SANITIZED CEO Urs Stalder explains the unconventional step the B2B company has taken: “Through our licensed partners in the textile and polymer industry, which aggressively label Sanitized on their products at the POS, we know that end customers look for guidance and security when buying. Therefore, for the first time, we have begun a marketing initiative directed primarily toward this target group.”

With its virtual house, SANITIZED AG has succeeded in bringing an essentially invisible active ingredient to life. Sanitized makes people aware of the wealth of living situations in which the Sanitized antimicrobial protection can offer security and a better quality of life. The modern linguistic and visual style appeals to responsible, urbane people.

Communications Manager Sibylle Hänni was assisted by Studiojeker GmbH (Karenina Spade) and Virtix Multimedia Productions (Dominik Däppen) in the creation of Sanitized

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SANITIZED AG is the leading Swiss company worldwide in the field of the hygiene function and material protection of textiles and synthetic materials. For more than 60 years the company has been pioneering work in this field and has established itself as a specialist for individual hygiene concepts. Besides the highly effective products, the range of services includes consulting on marketing and technical issues, various testing services as well as a proven trademark and licensing concept.

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