SONGWON’s distribution partnership with MegaChem expanded

Ulsan, South Korea – July 1, 2021 – Songwon Industrial Co., Ltd. announced today that it has expanded its distribution partnership with MegaChem. Since September 2019, MegaChem has been the exclusive distributor of SONGWON’s antioxidants for fuels and lubricants in the ASEAN region. On the back of the success in these countries, SONGWON has extended MegaChem’s coverage to include Australia and New Zealand (ANZ).

“Enlarging the exclusive territory with ANZ demonstrates the confidence we have in MegaChem’s in-market experience and ability to expand our customer base in these two countries and drive further growth for our Fuel and Lubricants business,” says SONGWON’s Gerard Mulqueen, Business Unit Leader Fuel and Lubricant Additives.

“MegaChem is extremely excited about the expansion of this distribution agreement with SONGWON,” adds Sidney Chew, Managing Director of MegaChem. “With our extensive distribution network, we perfectly positioned to propel SONGWON’s product penetration in these two new regions while consistently delivering the same high-quality customer service as we have done for SONGWON in ASEAN.”

Under the distribution agreement, MegaChem will supply SONGNOX® L101, SONGNOX® L107, SONGNOX® L115 and SONGNOX® L135 phenolic antioxidants, SONGNOX® L670 and SONGNOX® L570 aminic antioxidants, SONGNOX® L416 phosphite antioxidant, as well as SONGNOX® L224 and SONGNOX® L226 thioesterthioesters.

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Propelled by a vision to be a leading chemical player, MegaChem has evolved through the decades to become a valued chemical solutions provider to its business partners; one that is able to meet its customers’ needs through innovation and value creation. Today, MegaChem is an integrated solutions provider with the capability to provide customized blending services as well as distribution of chemicals. With an extensive global network and strategic locations in Asia, it is well-positioned to serve a diverse customer base across a wide spectrum of industries.

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SONGWON’s distribution partnership with MegaChem expanded.
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