XIRAN® SMA: Boosting the thermal performance of ABS

In a recent benchmark analysis of heat boosters, Polyscope Polymers has highlighted the benefits that can be obtained by the use of readily available XIRAN® SMA copolymers as a modifier in thermoplastic polymers.

Because XIRAN® SMA has a high glass transition temperature it is able to significantly boost performance and value of various virgin and recycled resins, particularly acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). Available in a broad range of molecular weights and maleic anhydride (MA) contents, XIRAN® can improve thermal stability to widen the application window, make parts easier to bond, paint or print on at a cost significantly below that of several other additives and proprietary polymer modification techniques. The material can also act as excellent compatibilizer between resins that are normally immiscible, such as PA/ABS.

According to Patrick Muezers, Managing Director of Polyscope, SMA is a unique polymer: “Styrene maleic anhydride has long been established as a high performance thermoplastic in its own right. Increasingly, it is now being used as a functional additive and compatibilizer in other amorphous and to some extent crystalline thermoplastics.”

Polyscope is leading the way in expanding the use of this polymer as a property enhancer. The Company has the industry’s broadest offering of SMA additives. Grades vary in molecular weight and maleic anhydride content, both of which have important effects on host polymer properties.

Muezers: “XIRAN® SMA is increasingly being used as a polymer modifier, ABS and acrylics (PMMA) as well as in other thermoplastic systems. It is proving to be highly versatile and cost-effective.”

XIRAN SMA’s high glass-transition temperature (Tg) range of 145-175°C makes it a very cost-effective means of boosting high temperature performance in PMMA and ABS resins. Dimensional stability is also improved. The addition of between 1.5 and 3.3% SMA typically raises Vicat softening point by around 1°C. Compounders and recyclers can take lower value, standard- or scrap-grade ABS and transform it into value-added high-heat ABS using SMA resin, which is less costly and far more accessible than many other additives like N-phenyl maleimide (NPI) and alpha-methyl styrene acrylonitrile (AMSAN). In ABS, SMA can yield Vicat B values of 85-120°C.

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About Polyscope Polymers

Polyscope Polymers BV is a Netherlands-based producer of styrene maleic anhydride copolymers, founded in 2006 by a group of international private investors backed by Limburg Development and Investment Company LIOF and Limburg Ventures. Polyscope offers a range of products with molecular weights from 10,000 up to 180,000 g/mol and a maleic anhydride content between 22% and 42%, for engineering plastics applications and also for water-based applications in paper, ink, pigment, leather treatment and other industries.

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XIRAN® SMA boosts the temperature performance of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) polymers. 
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