Perstorp makes product carbon footprint values available for 85% of its sales volume

Malmö October 20, 2022 - Perstorp is aligning with the new industry standard for product carbon footprint (PCF), developed by the industrial initiative Together for Sustainability. Perstorp can already provide product carbon footprint values for about 85% of its products (based on sales volume), and is continuously adding more products.

The focus on product carbon footprint is strongly increasing, in line with the emerging emphasis on reducing CO2 emissions and sharing carbon footprint at a product level. Swedish based sustainable solutions provider Perstorp currently has product carbon footprint values for more than 80 products, which corresponds to about 85% of the sold volume. These values are updated annually, based on production plant-specific conditions. All the PCF values for Perstorp´s Pro-Environment products, contributing to the sustainable transformation of value chains by substituting fossil feedstock with renewable and recycled, are ISCC PLUS certified.

Carbon footprint data is central for companies working towards CO2 emission reduction targets, and for making informed decisions by comparing the footprint of different products. To enable companies further down the value chains including brand owners to make carbon footprint calculations of their individual products, it is crucial that the chemical industry can provide this data for their products, which in turn are raw materials used in thousands of end products.

Transparently sharing this type of information with our customers is an important part of being a sustainable solutions provider and serving value chain needs,” says Anna Berggren, VP Sustainability at Perstorp. “Product carbon footprint is an important way of providing value with our Pro-Environment products; it shows how they reduce CO2 emissions by substituting fossil feedstock with renewable or recycled alternatives, which gives an effect for all downstream parties and products in the value chain. We have products already today that are climate positive up to our gate when including biogenic CO2 uptake*, and we will continuously reduce the carbon footprint of all our products along our reduction roadmaps towards reaching our Science-Based emission reduction targets in 2030.”

As part of the joint initiative Together for Sustainability, companies from the global chemical industry have agreed on a global guideline for calculating product carbon footprints. Perstorp was one of several companies who evaluated and tested the new methodology during spring 2022. Perstorp has been calculating and sharing product carbon footprint values with customers for many years, but has now also developed a digital tool that makes it easy and accessible to share the values with customers.

Together for Sustainability is an industry-leading initiative driven by chemical procurement specialists. Each member is dedicated to building sustainable chemical supply chains, regulatory requirements, and responding to the needs and expectations of society.

*Biogenic CO2 uptake is the CO2 taken up by the plant/biomass from the atmosphere via the photosynthesis while growing.

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Perstorp believes in improving everyday life – making it safer, more convenient and more environmentally sound for billions of people all over the world. As a world leading specialty chemicals company, our innovations provide essential properties for products used every day and everywhere. You’ll find us all the way from your car and mobile phone to towering wind turbines and the local dairy farm. Simply put, we work to make good products even better, with a clear sustainability agenda.

Founded in Sweden in 1881, Perstorp’s focused innovation builds on 140 years of experience, representing a complete chain of solutions in organic chemistry, process technology and application development. Perstorp has approximately 1,430 employees and manufacturing units in Asia, Europe and North America. Sales in 2021 amounted to 13.5 billion SEK.

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Perstorp makes product carbon footprint values available for 85% of its sales volume.
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