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PE100+ Association issues new Positive List of Materials

At the 15th of July 2002, the PE100+ Association publishes the updated “PE100+ Association’s Positive List of Materials”. In total, twelve PE 100 products from five member companies met the PE100+ requirements and, as a consequence, are published on that list.

Since the last Positive List of materials has been launched, two additional products have been added to the list. Now, three member companies are offering the complete range of products; black and coloured, orange and blue. This fact, as well as the ongoing product development in PE100 products, has resulted in an improved platform of product offering towards the PE pipe industry. The released Positive List of Materials is valid until January 1st, 2003.

The current listed materials are:

Finathene® XS10 H (blue)ATOFINA
Finathene® XS10 B (black)ATOFINA
Hostalen® CRP 100 blackBasell Polyolefins
Hostalen® CRP 100 blueBasell Polyolefins
Hostalen® CRP 100 orange/yellowBasell Polyolefins
Borstar® HE3490-LS (black)Borealis A/S
Borstar® HE3492-LS (orange) Borealis A/S
Borstar® HE3494-LS (blue)Borealis A/S
ELTEX® TUB 121 (black)BP Solvay Polyethylene
ELTEX® TUB 125 N2025 (orange)BP Solvay Polyethylene
ELTEX® TUB 124 N2025 (blue)BP Solvay Polyethylene
Vestolen® A 6060 R (black)DSM Polyolefine GmbH

The updated Positive List of Materials is visible on

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The PE100+ Association

Founded on the 24th of February, 1999, the PE100+ Association is an industry organisation of several polyethylene (PE) manufacturers. Its objective is to guarantee consistent quality at the highest level in the production and the use of PE100 pipe material. By monitoring the most critical properties of enhanced requirements, it is able to issue the "PE100+ Association Positive List of Materials" on a regular basis. The Association also aims to create a marketing platform to promote the use of PE piping in general.

As the goal is to set higher performance standards than those founded in CEN/ISO, more demanding tests are carried out by independent, internationally-respected laboratories, namely Creep Rupture Strength, Stress Crack Resistance, and Resistance to Crack Propagation. At present, following companies are members of the PE100+Assiciation: ATOFINA, Borealis A/S, Basell Polyolefine, BP Solvay Polyethylene, and DSM Polyolefine GmbH.


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