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Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics has announced that its XANTAR® and XANTAR® C grades have been fully approved in major smart meter replacement projects, including EDF’s smart meter replacement project in France. With the international deregulation of the energy markets and the increasing drive for energy efficiency, there is a vast demand for smart and intelligent meters for electricity, gas and water that can be accessed remotely. Major development activities are currently ongoing in venues all across Europe. In this context, the large scale activities in France are considered to be an important guideline to all relevant industries along the value chain involved.

“During the extensive approval process, we were not only able to meet the stringent requirements by our already versatile XANTAR® portfolio, but also by agile development of new tailor-made grades with an emphasis on long term stability and robustness”, says Dr. Ir. Hans Wilderbeek, Application Development Manager E&E/ICT at Mitsubishi

Engineering-Plastics. “Both existing grades as well as newly developed grades meeting enhanced requirements have been introduced, ranging from transparent FR XANTAR® grades (UL94 V-0 @ 2mm), high flow XANTAR® C grades combining mechanical integrity and excellent surface appearance to high HDT (145°C) glass reinforced grades. In line with our sustainability focus, all materials use eco-friendly flame retardant technologies.”

Serge Peleton, Global Account Manager E&E at Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics, adds: “Our in-depth application knowledge, proven track records in for instance e-meters and enclosures, and interactive partnership along the entire value chain have resulted in XANTAR® and XANTAR® C grades being fully approved in major smart meter replacement projects, such as this specific EDF smart meter replacement project.”

The successful approval of XANTAR® grades further underlines Mitsubishi

Engineering-Plastics’ ambition to focus on the development of innovative PC materials that are fully tailored to meet the continuously changing demands of end users.

The major approval of the XANTAR® product line is a clear signal to the market that Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics is able to create added value for customers, by enabling shorter development times and thus providing customers with an important competitive edge.

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Notes for editors

Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics

Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics Corporation (MEP) was established in March 1994, following the consolidation of the engineering plastics businesses of Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc., and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, thus creating a vital and responsive new player in this highly dynamic sector.

MEP is a leading supplier of engineering plastics and focuses on developing new materials to meet the changing needs of end users whilst at the same time supporting customers’ product development activities. In all aspects of its operations, the Company is guided by the belief that building close partnerships with customers is the way to conduct business successfully.

MEP has the largest market share in polycarbonate resins in Japan and a flexible and integrated follow-up system in all regions and markets served.

As a leading engineering plastics manufacturer, MEP has pledged to reduce the environmental burden of its operations and prevent pollution, to protect the environment and provide products and services that meet the expectations of customers, stakeholders and society at large.

The MEP Portfolio includes XANTAR® Polycarbonate & Blends; IUPILON® Polycarbonate Resin; NOVAREX® Polycarbonate Resin; RENY® Polyamide MXD6 Resin; NOVADURAN® Polybutylene Terephthalate Resin; IUPITAL® Polyacetal Resin; IUPIACE® Modified PPE Resin; and LEMALLOY® Modified PPE Resin.

With the innovative and high-end polycarbonate XANTAR®, MEP will strengthen its global position in polycarbonate. XANTAR® is currently mainly focused on the European market and DSM’s Specialty Compounds plant in Genk, Belgium will be its toll compounder in Europe.

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