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Following the acquisition of Xantar® polycarbonate resins and blends, Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics is underlining its commitment to the development of new innovative materials that address the high market standards and needs. At K 2010, the company will be highlighting a range of key new material innovations of its Xantar® range of polycarbonate resins and blends. Key amongst these are Xantar® LDS, Xantar® XRM and flame retardant Xantar® C.

Xantar® LDS for Laser Direct Structuring

The Xantar LDS portfolio is ideally suited for integrated mobile phone antennas from antenna carriers to fully integrated antennas in the housing or frame, with only three process steps: molding, laser processing and metallization. The application area has now been extended to antennas in laptops and notebooks. Custom-made grades, including Halogen-free, Flame-retardant grades, are available to enable selective electroless plating by means of laser direct structuring (LDS) to integrate electric circuits into molded parts.

Xantar LDS technology exhibits an excellent balance of mechanical, laser, metallization and radio frequency properties which help to assure high antenna performance whilst offering higher flexibility compared to other molded interconnect device (MID) technologies, providing easy prototyping and faster time-to-market.

Xantar® XRM: Xtra Robust Modified

For demanding applications, where conventional grades may not meet all requirements, Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics has developed a new family of impact modified flame retardant PC, which is completely based on an innovative additive technology: XANTAR® XRM.

This naturally bright white grade can be colored easily and offers a unique combination of properties, exceeding those of conventional PC and PC/ABS grades. Key benefits include high ultimate temperature use, equal to PC, excellent low temperature impact, down to e.g. -40°C, outstanding dimensional stability, excellent creep behavior and UL94 V-1, V-0 and 5V flammability ratings.

Xantar XRM is completely free of bromine, phosphorous and antimony, enhancing the green image of its applications and offers long term reliability, with second to none UV-, weatherability, hydrolytically and thermo-oxidative stability, outperforming even the most robust PC/ABS.

Flame retardant Xantar® C

There is a growing demand for bromine free Flame retardant PC/ABS in special high end applications with strict safety requirements. Key examples can be found in the mass transportation and infrastructure segments.

• Mass Transportation

Special extrudable Xantar® C grades have been developed to specifically meet the broad scope of European legislation in the public transport sector, such as smoke and toxicity requirements for interior claddings for trains, metros and buses. Low outgassing PC/ABS grade Xantar® C MC 3435 is recommended for the installation of trunking and cable channels, as it fulfils the stringent requirements of e.g. VDE 0472 part 815, EN 50085. NF P 92-507

• Smart E-meters

With an increasing need for energy efficiency, there is now a huge demand for smart meters that can measure the use of electricity, gas and water and be accessed remotely. Special high flow FR Xantar® C (PC/ABS grade MC 3433) and a newly developed transparent flame retardant Xantar® (PC grade RX 2124) fulfil all requirements in major European smart meter projects.

Xantar portfolio

The comprehensive Xantar portfolio comprises all common types of polycarbonate, specialized in their diversity and customization to specific market requirements. Xantar C blends of PC/ABS and Xantar E (PC/Polyester) extend the scope while maintaining the same high quality standards of Xantar products. Thanks to the superior properties and processability of Xantar C grades, and new material innovations such as Xantar LDS and Xantar XRM, Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics is able to deliver results for innovative added value.

Concern for the environment is fully integrated in MEP’s innovation and production processes. All products comply with Europe’s RoHS and WEEE directives and similar standards that are currently in development around the world. Production processes and material formulations are optimised for responsible use of natural resources and minimize the impact on the environment. Xantar Polycarbonate & Blends offer halogen free solutions for the vast majority of products and applications and MEP is continuously expanding its portfolio of green products.

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Notes for editors

Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics

Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics Corporation (MEP) was established in March 1994, following the consolidation of the engineering plastics businesses of Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc., and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, thus creating a vital and responsive new player in this highly dynamic sector.

MEP is a leading supplier of engineering plastics and focuses on developing new materials to meet the changing needs of end users whilst at the same time supporting customers’ product development activities. In all aspects of its operations, the Company is guided by the belief that building close partnerships with customers is the way to conduct business successfully.

MEP has the largest market share in polycarbonate resins in Japan and a flexible and integrated follow-up system in all regions and markets served.

As a leading engineering plastics manufacturer, MEP has pledged to reduce the environmental burden of its operations and prevent pollution, to protect the environment and provide products and services that meet the expectations of customers, stakeholders and society at large.

The MEP Portfolio includes XANTAR® Polycarbonate & Blends; IUPILON® Polycarbonate Resin; NOVAREX® Polycarbonate Resin; RENY® Polyamide MXD6 Resin; NOVADURAN® Polybutylene Terephthalate Resin; IUPITAL® Polyacetal Resin; IUPIACE® Modified PPE Resin; and LEMALLOY® Modified PPE Resin.

With the innovative and high-end polycarbonate XANTAR®, MEP will strengthen its global position in polycarbonate. Xantar is currently mainly focused on the European market and DSM’s Specialty Compounds plant in Genk, Belgium will be its toll compounder in Europe.

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