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WM Thermoforming Machines partnering with Milliken at K 2016 to showcase NX UltraClear PP transparent thermoformed packaging

  • WM Thermoforming Machines to introduce its new Twist 700 machine at K
  • Milliken’s NX UltraClear PP resin offers thermoformers numerous benefits
  • UltraClear PP sheet offers transparency, strength, sustainability & productivity

Ghent, Belgium – Switzerland-based WM Thermoforming Machines is exhibiting at the Oct. 19-26 K 2016 trade show in Düsseldorf, Germany, and will use a brand new model of machine to demonstrate the clarity that Milliken & Co.’s Millad® NX™ 8000 additive brings to thermoformed polypropylene.

On Stand A16 in Hall 3, WM Thermoforming Machines will be producing small clear bowls with an outside diameter of 115 mm for dairy products. It will be forming the bowls on the Twist 700 - a new, larger machine that builds on the success of its smaller Twist 300 model, according to Luca Oliverio, WM Thermoforming’s Sales and Marketing Director.

“The Twist 700 uses a similar motion concept that was used on the Twist 300,” Oliverio noted, “but the latter was only for very small production. Twist 700 is not only bigger, but is also fully equipped with all the latest technology, including our MSv7 stacker, a new stacking concept that we will be displaying for the first time at K 2016.” This new machine will be available worldwide immediately after the K show.

In production, the Twist 700 can reach speeds of up to 50 cycles per minute, and it also incorporates an MLS, or Machine Learning System, that helps technicians to optimize process parameters, synchronize the machine and stacking system, and rationalize material consumption.

At the same time, the new MSv7 stacker offers great flexibility, by allowing customers to automatically count, stack and pack products of various shapes - from standard cups, and round or square dairy containers, to shallow products such as lids or coffee capsules.

Specialty chemicals supplier, Milliken & Co. (Hall 6, Booth A27), will be highlighting its theme of “Making Polypropylene Clearer, Better, Faster. Together” at the K show. As an example of that, it provided its Millad NX 8000 additive for the PP resin used to make the 630-micron-thick UltraClear PP sheet that WM Thermoforming will be processing on its stand. Milliken’s pioneering clarifying agent has removed the transparency obstacle for PP, clearing the way for polypropylene to potentially replace other materials such as amorphous PET and polystyrene in various packaging applications.

Many of today’s food packaging applications have a demanding combination of requirements, including being lightweight, and offering stiffness, impact strength, transparency, sealing effectiveness, plus hot filling, retort and microwave ability. NX UltraClear PP now provides an overall attractive alternative to other materials that deliver glass-like clarity.

Polypropylene also is a sustainable option for brand owners who wish to contribute to sustainability efforts. There is an existing market for recycled PP in a wide range of products such as caps and closures, buckets, automotive applications, pipes, pallets and garden furniture. As a material, PP consumes the least amount of energy during production and produces the lowest carbon dioxide emissions. It has a lower density, which means that switching to PP allows converters to produce more containers per unit of raw material compared with PET and PS, thereby reducing the total amount of material consumed and waste produced.

Using the mono-material concept of NX UltraClear PP in thermoformed applications also helps to facilitate end-of-life recycling of the resulting products. NX UltraClear delivers significant weight savings, as well. For example, Milliken notes, UltraClear PP trays typically are 15-20% lighter than comparable PET-based food trays.

For more information, visit Milliken and WM Thermoforming Machines at the K fair, or learn more online at and

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