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KRAIBURG TPE provides thermoplastic elastomers with a pleasant feel for nonslip protective frames for devices

Circutor SA, based in Spain, has chosen to use a compound of the THERMOLAST® K family for the outer cover of its new MYeBOX® power analyzers. These thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) combine cost-efficient processing with excellent adhesion to polycarbonate. They protect the portable devices against shock and impact and are certified according to UL94 HB.

In recent years, about 30 percent of electricity generated in the European Union has come from renewable sources, with wind and solar making up the biggest part, followed by water and biofuels  – and the proportion is steadily increasing. At the same time, the energy output from these different sources is more variable and needs more intensive regulation, which requires that power quality and grid quality be precisely controlled and monitored, particularly in industrial areas of application.

The portable MYeBOX analyzers from Circutor (Spain) do this work in an efficient and sturdy device protected by a nonslip frame made of THERMOLAST K from KRAIBURG TPE. “When searching for an elastomer case material with perfect adhesion to polycarbonate, we approached our experienced injection molder and followed their recommendation”, says Javier Nebril from Circutor’s development team. “After testing several hardness variants of the AD1 THERMOLAST K series, we chose a compound that provides the frame of MYeBOX with good impact and scratch resistance and a balanced soft, but nonslip feel”.

The UL94 HB-listed TPE is characterized by cost-effective processability in multi-component injection molding. This processing capability with TPE not only allows high productivity and excellent energy efficiency but also avoids the problem of stress cracking, which often occurs particularly with polycarbonate. In addition, the material’s recyclability significantly reduces the amount of waste produced. KRAIBURG TPE supported the customer in both material selection and testing and color matching the compound.

MYeBOX from Circutor is a portable power analyzer available in two versions that feature multiple inputs and communications interfaces including 3G and WLAN for data-driven and cloud-based digitized applications in line with the current trend towards industry 4.0. The device measures all important electrical parameters in single-phase, two-phase and three-phase installations, records system events and transients, and also monitors power quality in compliance with the EN 61000-4-30 standard. Typical applications include the recording of consumption values, load profiles, voltage disturbances, and harmonic studies for performing remote analyses and audits. The device’s features include a capacitive keyboard and an LCD screen capable of displaying graphics.

“Customers today expect technical devices to provide both functionality and a high degree of comfort and aesthetics”, emphasizes Josef Neuer at KRAIBURG TPE. “MYeBOX is an excellent example of the plenty of possible innovative applications that combine exacting technical standards with attractive and durable tactile properties, for which our thermoplastic elastomers can be used in a cost-effective way.”

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KRAIBURG TPE ( is a global manufacturer of thermoplastic elastomers. From its beginning in 2001 as a subsidiary of the historical KRAIBURG Group founded in 1947, KRAIBURG TPE has pioneered in TPE compounds, today being the competence leader in this industry. With production sites in Germany, the U.S., and Malaysia, the company offers a broad range of compounds for applications in the automotive, industrial, consumer, and strictly regulated medical sectors. The established THERMOLAST®, COPEC®, HIPEX®, and For Tec E® product lines are processed by injection molding or extrusion and provide numerous processing and product design advantages to manufacturers. KRAIBURG TPE features innovative capabilities as well as true global customer orientation, customized product solutions and reliable service. The company is certified to ISO 50001 at its headquarters in Germany and holds ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications at all global sites. In 2018, KRAIBURG TPE, with 640 employees worldwide, generated sales of 189 million euros.

About Circutor SA

Circutor SA, based in Viladecavalls near Barcelona, has more than 40 years of experience in the development and production of devices for improving energy efficiency. The company operates six production sites in Spain and the Czech Republic, as well as their own laboratories for testing and calibrating all products in accordance with the highest quality standards. The team behind the functional reliability, sturdiness, easy operation and innovation that Circutor’s portfolios provide is composed of more than 60 highly skilled engineers with access to state-of-the-art R&D technology. The comprehensive product line ranges from measuring, protection and monitoring devices to reactive power controllers and harmonic filters as well as charging stations for electric vehicles. For more information see

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MYeBOX® 1500 portable power analyzer with a nonslip protective frame made of THERMOLAST® K from KRAIBURG TPE. 
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