FoamPartnerFoamPartner, founded in 1937 and headquartered in Wolfhausen (Switzerland) and with 13 Centers of Competence across Europe, America and Asia-Pacific, is a global leader in foam technology. The company offers its customers a broad portfolio of best-in-class foam and other material solutions engineered to the highest standards of form, function and quality. More than 1,100 employees worldwide develop, manufacture, process and distribute custom-tailored polyurethane foam products focused on three market segments: Mobility, Specialties, and Living & Care.

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Wasser ist Leben

FoamPartner und VIRIdiVITA erweitern ihre strategische Kooperation zur Entwicklung, Herstellung und Vermarktung wasserspeichernder Systeme auf der Basis von PUR-Spezialschaumstoffen für eine klimawirksame Gebäude- und Landschaftsgestaltung. 
(Bild: FoamPartner)Die beiden Partner übertragen ihre gemeinsame Erfahrung in wasserspeichernden Schaumstofflösungen für innovative Dachbegrünungssysteme auf weitere Anwendungsfelder. Einen aktiven Beitrag zum Umgang mit dem Lebenselixier Wasser durch ökologisch und ökonomisch sinnvolle Lösungen zu leisten, ist das übergeordnete Ziel der Zusammenarbeit.

Sustainable foams for the mobility of tomorrow

FoamPartner introduces new OBoNature™ foam technology based on sustainable raw materials for next-generation automotive interiors. 
(Photo: FoamPartner)Advanced foam solutions for headliners, interior trim and seating applications demonstrate the determination with which the company is implementing its sustainability strategy.

Best in Foam – sustainable with conviction and passion

FoamPartner adopts comprehensive sustainability strategy. 
(Photo: FoamPartner)Guidelines for responsible thinking and acting show the way towards a sustainable future with innovative and industry leading foam solutions.

“Smart Factory” for Technical Foam Solutions

At the company’s Duderstadt site in Germany, FoamPartner brought on line an 8,500 square meter Converting Center, which was designed as a highly digitalized and automated ‘Smart Factory’ to set new standards in the manufacturing of foam components. 
Photos: Building view, robotized foil packaging area, storage zone for foam blocks (ready for further processing), high-precision thermal press, tailored microphone windshield manufacturing cell. (Photos: FoamPartner)
The new FoamPartner Converting Center GmbH complements the existing expertise of the FoamPartner Group to provide a vertically integrated value chain from foam production to customized precision components.

Foam for E-Mobility

Customized foam solutions in Rinspeed’s new MetroSnap concept car illustrate the comprehensive know-how of FoamPartner in lightweighting acoustic and thermal materials for next-generation EVs. 
(Photo: FoamPartner)In their new modular MetroSnap concept car, Swiss mobility think tank Rinspeed is once again relying on innovative foam technology from FoamPartner to ensure highly effective acoustic and thermal insulation.

MetroSnap Concept Car With Acoustic & Thermal Insulation Know-how by FoamPartner

Customized foam solutions in Rinspeed’s new MetroSnap concept car illustrate the comprehensive know-how of FoamPartner in lightweighting acoustic and thermal materials for next-generation EVs. 
(Photo: Rinspeed AG)As in previous years, Swiss mobility think tank Rinspeed has teamed up with specialists from FoamPartner to maximize the electric vehicle (EV) driving experience provided by its latest MetroSnap modular concept car.

New Converting Center for Technical Foams

FoamPartner is expanding its manufacturing capacities at the company’s Duderstadt site in Lower Saxony (Germany) with a new converting center for industrial specialty foams. 
(Photo: FoamPartner)
FoamPartner Fritz Nauer AG, with headquarters in Wolfhausen (Switzerland), is building a converting center for industrial foams at the company’s site in Duderstadt (Germany). The new center is scheduled to go on-stream in the first half-year of 2020 and will lead to the creation of several new jobs.

FoamPartner receives 3M Service Award

Polishing machine. (Photo: Getty Images/baona)
Leverkusen (Germany) / Wolfhausen (Switzerland) / Langenthal (Switzerland), June 2019. As a manufacturer, developer, and processor, the FoamPartner Group, headquartered in Wolfhausen (Canton of Zurich, Switzerland) supplies trade and industry worldwide with foams for a wide range of applications. For many years now, FoamPartner has been a strategic supplier for the US multi-tech corporation- 3M. FoamPartner also supplies its affiliate with more than 40 different polishing and interface pads for use in the automotive branch; some for the OEM, some for sales in the aftermarket trade.

OBoSky® ‒ easy to process, durable and low in emissions

Thanks to their homogenous and fine-pore cell structure, OBoSky® foams from FoamPartner deliver extremely uniform surfaces, ideal in particular for high-quality automotive headliners. (Photo: Getty Images/algre)FoamPartner, specializing in advanced foam solutions, has developed a foam product family characterized by extremely low emission levels for use in automotive headliners with high demands on processability and design.

FoamPartner Press Kit Interzum 2019

FoamPartnerinterzum 2019 - The world meets in Cologne
interzum is the world’s leading trade fair for furniture production and interior design. This is where the most important business is conducted and momentum for the global furniture supply industry is created. Decision makers, opinion leaders, disseminators and trendsetter from all over the world keep up with the innovations in the industry, seek and establish new contacts – those who want to do truly good business in 2019 should not miss this opportunity.

Sleep Like a King – With the New EvoPoreVHRC

Bed with EvoPoreVHRC crown. (Photos: FoamPartner)
Those who want a bed fit for a king will find what they need at FoamPartner. The foam specialist has made a coup in the area of sleeping comfort with the EvoPoreVHRC. This new product on the premium comfort foams market offers an unprecedented sleeping experience that outshines the standard box-spring comfort on the market. EvoPoreVHRC sets completely new standards and is revolutionizing modern sleeping solutions.

Tecciō.science – Creating Exceptional Sleep

Tecciō.science – Creating Exceptional Sleep. (Photos: FoamPartner)The patented, innovative sleep solution Tecciō.science is based on the advanced development of multi-dynamic foams combined with hardware and software. It influences sleep through individually selectable, dynamic hardness changes. Controlled by an app, changes are very smooth and are made continuously. This forms the basis for the sleeping experience of the future.