Eurocom Worldwide expands in Latin America

The global PR Network appoints 4 new members in Latin America, expanding coverage in the region reaching to 8 members across 13 countries

Eurocom Worldwide, one of the largest independent PR networks, has recently appointed four new member agencies in Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Guatemala with strategic alliances in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua.

"Many countries in Latin America have experienced significant growth in recent years and are preparing to expand even further in the future as their political positions stabilise and their business and creative hubs expand", said Sandra Sinicco, president of LatamPR Network, the regional network of Eurocom Worldwide in Latin America. “The LatAm market offers an immense pool of potential clients for our global network and will be a major target market for many international companies once again. We aim to get all the key countries in the region represented at Eurocom Worldwide to provide a comprehensive network of expert support and local cultural understanding for existing and potential clients.”

DC Estrategias de Comunicacion, Argentina

Argentina has historically been an attractive place to invest and develop business from the European and North American perspective and 2016 marked the beginning of a new era with profound political and economic changes after Mauricio Macri's election.

“We are experiencing a substantial increase in business activity in sectors such as tourism, technology, agriculture and real estate which are developing into important economic hubs", said Angel Colangelo, CEO of DC Estrategias de Comunicacion, Eurocom Worldwide’s new member agency in Argentina. Founded in 2007 in Buenos Aires as an integrated communications agency, DC develops and implements communication strategies based on PR and corporate communications, social media and digital marketing, events and advertising. The agency has comprehensive expertise in various industries including mining, tourism, banking, retail, education, technology, the public sector and consulting firms.

“We are thrilled to be accepted as Eurocom Worldwide’s member in Argentina,” said Angel Colangelo. “We are experienced in working with regional partners and expanding our international positioning through Eurocom Worldwide is an important goal for our agency.”

Innovarte Comunicaciones, Colombia

Founded in 2012, Innovarte Comunicaciones is a communications agency located in Bogota with operational capability nationally. Bogota is the largest economy within Colombia, generating more than 30% of its GDP. It forms the hub for several key industries and major companies that serve not only the country but also the Andean region (Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, and Ecuador). Innovarte Comunicaciones originally focused on PR services for the industrial and logistics sector. Their deep experience and widespread success in these markets helped them to expand and win several industry awards. Today, Innovarte Comunicaciones is one of the most capable boutique agencies in Colombia.

Falcom Imagen + Comunicaciones, Peru

The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) has estimated that Peru´s economy will grow by 3.8% in 2016, making Peru the second fastest growing economy in South America this year. Falcom Imagen + Comunicaciones, Eurocom Worldwide’s new member in Peru, was founded only four years ago but is already recognized as one of the key boutique agencies in the tourism and commercial sector in Peru. Agency founder Isabella Falco was recently appointed as Director of the Peruvian Agency of Tourism and Branding, recognising her renowned communications expertise and experience.

Communication Consulting Group, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica

Guatemala has been one of the strongest economic performers in Latin America in recent years, with projected growth of 3.6 percent in 2016. Communication Consulting Group, Eurocom Worldwide’s new member agency based in Guatemala City, was founded by Esther Brol Menegazo in 1999 and is among the top 10 PR agencies in Guatemala. The agency offers strategic alliances throughout Central America in El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. The team at Communication Consulting Group serves national as well as international clients in industries such as travel & tourism, finance, building & construction, education, technology, the energy sector and consulting firms.

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