DOMO at K 2022: Your partner of choice for polyamides and our planet

  • “TECHNYL® Xperience” area at the booth to showcase innovative solutions and services
  • DOMO meets mobility challenges with new sustainable solutions
  • Joint outdoor pavilion with Circularise presents digital traceability and polyamide expertise to global supply chain

Ghent, June 22, 2022 - DOMO Chemicals, a sustainable polyamide player, will exhibit at K 2022 in Düsseldorf. This will be the first opportunity for customers to experience the global TECHNYL® polyamide portfolio since the disruption of COVID-19.

DOMO will be showcasing how its polyamide-based solutions, along with its expertise and services, will help customers meet their future application requirements. As the partner of choice for engineered materials, DOMO will guide visitors through an Xperience path with solutions based on the leading TECHNYL® brand and DOMO’s new brand architecture.

In addition, a dedicated sustainability corner will highlight DOMO’s ambitious 2030 sustainability targets, with a focus on decarbonization, renewable energy consumption and customer solutions.

Dedicated solutions for demanding applications

CO2 reduction continues to be a major challenge for the industry and DOMO’s low carbon footprint solutions help enable its customers’ carbon reduction ambitions. Recent developments in lightweight metal replacement, thermal management and e-mobility reinforce the global need for sustainable polyamide-based performance solutions. At K 2022, DOMO will present new sustainable solutions based on the TECHNYL® 4EARTH® brand for the automotive sector through dedicated tech seminars and panel discussions.

As a leading and fully integrated polyamide 6 and polyamide 66 solutions provider, DOMO will also showcase its offering of chemical intermediates, base polymers and Performance Fibers. At the booth, visitors can learn more about the latest NYLEO® performance fiber innovations with improved flame retardancy, enhanced biodegradability and bacteriostatic properties. DOMO’s leading brands DOMAMID® and STABAMID® provide the engineering plastics, film, fiber and textile industries with consistently high-quality solutions for better end-product performance.

“We have grown to be the number-two player in Europe for Nylon 6 and 66 with global availability of the well-known TECHNYL® brand and ambitious sustainability targets,” said Yves Bonte, CEO DOMO Chemicals. “We are committed to customers, to our products, and to our planet, creating value for our customers and consumers. At K 2022 we will show customers how we can enable them to achieve high performing and truly circular solutions,” he added.

Meeting future sustainability needs

As a response to K 2022’s focus on climate and circularity, DOMO is highlighting its stronger sustainability targets as the company prioritizes these initiatives into their business model. These include expanding the share of circular products in engineered material sales from 10% today to 20% by 2030 and 30% by 2035. Developing new circular grades and increasing feedstock are closely connected to its CO2 reduction plans. DOMO will also present an overview of dissolving technologies, chemical recycling, and recycling from production waste.

“We are the home of excellence for PA6 and PA66 with TECHNYL®,” said Ludovic Tonnerre, Chief Commercial Officer International Markets. “At K 2022, we will showcase why polyamides remain the best-known material for a wealth of applications, in particular within the automotive sector. Customers will also experience how our MMI Predictive Simulation digitally supports the implementation of more sustainable and lighter solutions,” he added.

DOMO Service Hub: How to accelerate development cycle time

In addition to its innovative and sustainable portfolio of polymers and resins, customers can experience DOMO’s SERVICE HUB. This unique platform enables manufacturers to innovate quickly and keep ahead of the competition in fast-changing markets.

Our suite of interconnected simulation, 3D prototyping, and parts-testing services is designed to help customers push parts performance to new boundaries and speed time to market in dynamic sectors such as automotive, consumer electronics, heating and cooling.

Visitors can also discover an extended database for the TECHNYL® C range of PA6-GF materials and our latest injection molding simulation database. DOMO’s experts will be available to discuss success cases, application simulations and prototypes. Visitors can experience a virtual lab tour to explore the capabilities of DOMO’s Applications Part Testing Lab, as well.

“Our integration in polyamide 6 and polyamide 66, our expertise from chemical intermediates to engineered materials, and our delivery promise translate into better solutions and better customized-products,” said Philippe Guérineau, Chief Commercial Officer EU & Europe Export. “Our application experts at the booth will offer reliable and high-quality technical expertise, practical guidance and R&D support.”

Circularise: Share insights, not data

Working towards a circular economy, DOMO was an early supporter of Circularise, a start-up that uses blockchain technology for better traceability of plastics across the value chain. DOMO believes that being able to trace the origin of all raw materials is essential to ensuring that materials can be reused or recycled. At the DOMO pavilion, visitors will experience over 100 m2 of Circularise-based innovations and meet with blockchain experts.

“We believe that better data transparency across the entire value chain is necessary to truly realize a circular economy,” said Jordi de Vos, Circularise co-founder. “Our blockchain technology enables traceable, transparent and circular supply chains, which has become more important than ever. DOMO has helped us develop our first iteration of the platform tailored for the plastics industry. We look forward to our joint booth and panel presentations at the pavilion,” he added.

K 2022 takes place from 19 to 26 October in Düsseldorf, and DOMO will be exhibiting with an expanded outdoor pavilion covering almost 400m2. DOMO will be presenting its latest sustainable solutions at its joint booth with Circularise in the outdoor area of the show. Please visit our landing page for more information and sign up for DOMO’s newsletter to stay up to date:

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About DOMO Chemicals

DOMO Chemicals offers polyamide-based engineered materials solutions and services for a diverse range of markets, including the automotive, consumer goods, industrial goods, electricals and electronics industries. Based on the company’s upstream and downstream integration, DOMO also serves the agriculture, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fibers and textiles sectors. Our complete portfolio of polymer-based products and services includes chemical intermediates, resins, engineering plastics and performance fibers.

Headquartered in Belgium, the family-owned international group leverages innovative technology, advanced application expertise and a caring mindset to deliver sustainable solutions for our stakeholders. DOMO generated 2021 sales of over EUR 1.9 billion and employs approximately 2200 people across our global production sites and sales offices.

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DOMO Chemicals will be exhibiting with an expanded outdoor pavilion covering almost 400m2. DOMO will be presenting its latest sustainable solutions at its joint booth with Circularise in the outdoor area of the show.


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