New DOMO injection moulding simulation database ensures faster development times for customers

  • DOMO is launching a unique new service for polyamide customers, covering the global portfolio of products designed for injection moulding.
  • By providing direct access to DOMO Engineered Materials latest injection moulding simulation database, DOMO is ensuring customers have access to the most up to date, extensive and validated TECHNYL® injection moulding data.
  • This new service, enabling faster project development times for customers, goes live on 12 May 2022.

Ghent, May 12, 2022 - Until now, customers needed to update their simulation software to obtain the latest injection moulding databases from providers, with a significant lag between new material availabilities and public database updates – sometimes more than a year. They also needed to reach out to multiple contacts on a regular basis to check for the latest resource availabilities from material providers.

DOMO is changing this paradigm by providing a valuable new service to customers, comprising frequent updates of its injection moulding simulation database for Autodesk Moldflow. Comparable injection material cards for other software (Moldex3D, CADmould, etc.) will also be made available upon request or through your sales and technical manager.

“We are at the cutting edge in our approach to provide high quality data for injection moulding and integrative structural – MMI simulation in the fastest and most direct way to our customers,” says Alexandre Chatelain, Simulation Models Database Manager at DOMO.”

“This project is part of a broader scope aimed at improving our overall digitalization capability and is an instrumental contribution to our commercial digitalization strategy” Chatelain added.

By enabling customers to always have the latest injection moulding simulation data from DOMO Engineered Materials, this will save them time and effort in getting the appropriate data for their projects. These fitted and validated measurements for more precise simulation will enable shorter development time for customers, and faster time to market.

Moreover, these direct updates will include new offerings from DOMO’s development pipeline as well as newly validated data beyond the standard injection moulding process characterization, such as fiber orientation prediction optimization.

“At DOMO, we provide unique data – like fiber orientation model parameters calibration and validation – to optimize polyamide part performance,” adds Chatelain. “We understand that it is a burden for our customers if they have to update their simulation software to obtain the latest injection moulding data from providers whenever there is a new release. That’s why we now provide injection moulding database updates independently from software releases to ensure our customers are always up to date.”

For more information, contact us through the dedicated DOMO website form or get in touch with your DOMO customer manager.

Since February 2022, the entire TECHNYL® portfolio is exclusively produced and commercialized by DOMO worldwide.

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About MMI - Advanced predictive simulation

MMI is an advanced predictive simulation tool, devised to help OEMs and parts suppliers develop stronger, lighter, more cost-effective parts. Through multi-scale modeling, mechanical calculation and injection molding simulation (MMI), manufacturers can understand the real behavior of materials and simulate their function before going to production.

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