DOMO teams with Italy’s STS Tecnopolimeri to develop cutting edge household and electronics parts

  • DOMAMID® FR 6G30V0E BK receives approval for new applications
  • DOMAMID® and TECHNYL® brands meet increasingly strict fire codes and flammability requirements
  • Since February 2020 DOMO has offered a fully complementary product family of PA6 and PA66

Leuna, March 9, 2021 - DOMO and the Italian company, STS Tecnopolimeri, specialized in the production of thermoplastics applications, have partnered to develop a leading range of household and electronic parts. The material selected for moulding these applications is DOMO’s recently approved DOMAMID® FR 6G30V0E BK, a flame retardant halogen-free polyamide 6 product with outstanding mechanical and electrical properties.

The growing demand for innovative products and metal replacement has led to the transformation of special materials for these sectors and increasingly strict fire codes and flammability requirements. The versality of PA6 and PA66 has been fundamental in many new developments and DOMO’s DOMAMID® and TECHNYL® ranges have become best in class flame retardant solutions in the household and electronics markets.

“DOMO Engineered Materials is our reference in the polyamide market and the recently homologated DOMAMID® FR 6G30V0E is a melamine-based flame-retardant solution that has been proven to be first choice for several of our household and electronic cases such as a keyboards, covers, displays and command boxes, developed for the IoT generation,” said Matteo Pigliapoco, owner at STS Tecnopolimeri SRL.

DOMO’s solutions support complex formulations that combine flame retardancy, excellent flowability, and low migration to achieve the desired safety, strength, surface, and molding requirements.

“DOMAMID® FR 6G30V0E is one of our big sellers in the electric and electronics segment, combining excellent mechanical and electrical properties, flame-retardancy, low specific weight and colorability. It is also the most environmentally friendly product among our flame-retardant portfolio,” added Ron Bult, Sales Director at DOMO Chemicals.

Driven by increasingly sophisticated consumer demands, smart devices, computers, and media equipment makers not only need to meet strict flammability regulations, but they also face the challenges of further miniaturization and long-lasting surface aesthetics for their product development.

Further new product particularly for connectors

Under the DOMAMID® brand, DOMO has also developed a grade specifically for washing machine connectors, that is heat-aging stabilized with 25% glass fiber material and a UL Yellow card (E170540-532327).

“DOMAMID® FR 6G25V0E GYR7035 is substituting a previous halogen-based solution making the new connector significantly more environmentally friendly that the previous one. DOMO has been a valuable partner in the introduction of more environmentally friendly solutions,” said Matteo Pigliapoco.

“Halogenated solutions usually have better Glow Wire performances compared to halogen and red phosphorus free materials, but with our grade we were able to meet the necessary customer specifications. An additional benefit is a lower density of 1.36 g/cm³ versus 1.6 g/cm³, reducing the weight of the final part and allowing for significant cost savings,” concluded Maarten Veevaete Director Global R&D at DOMO Engineered Materials.

* TECHNYL® is a trademark of DOMO. TECHNYL® portfolio is exclusively developed and sold by DOMO in the EEA, Switzerland and, from February 2022, also in all other global regions.

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