Calterah, Leading Chinese mmWave IC Provider, Brings Full Radar SoC Portfolio for ADAS and Autonomous Driving to IAA

As the curtain has just risen on IAA Mobility 2023 in Munich on September 5, the leading Chinese provider of CMOS mmWave radar chips, Calterah, brings a most comprehensive portfolio of automotive radar SoCs at Booth A2-F31 of Mess München to the global audience.

Most Comprehensive Auto Radar SoC Portfolio from Calterah

Calterah’s pioneering CMOS mmWave radar SoCs boast the best PPA (Power, Performance, Area) in the industry with a remarkably high integration level. Visitors can explore a wide range of radar sensor chips developed based on Calterah’s next-gen Andes platform and the second-gen SoC platform Alps, operating in the high frequency bands of 76 GHz to 81 GHz and 60 GHz to 64 GHz, targeting a broad spectrum of applications for ADAS and autonomous driving, such as imaging radar, forward-looking radar, corner radar, side radar, in-cabin radar, tail gate radar, and automatic door collision avoidance radar.

Notably, the showcased next-gen Andes SoC (CAL77C844-AF) is now a most sought-after product for 4D premium and imaging radar as it outshines the competition with unparalleled structure of the multi-core CPU with DSP and RSP, flexible architecture exemplified by its RF system and Flex-Cascading function, convenient debugging functions, and advanced security capability. These strengths set it apart from similar products on the market for developing multi-chip cascaded 4D imaging radar in terms of high performance, cost, and flexibility.

Visitors also have the chance to witness the outstanding performances of forward-looking radar and corner radar solutions developed based on Alps-Pro, a mmWave radar SoC launched at the end of 2022, which has been widely recognized and adopted by major Chinese automotive Tier-1s. Developed based on Alps-Pro, the corner radar and forward-looking radar solutions support detection ranges of 180 m and 240 m and resolution of 4° and 2.8°, respectively, with ±0.1° azimuth accuracy, perfectly meeting the requirements of L2+ autonomous driving.

Calterah’s exhibited Antenna-in-Package (AiP) SoCs from the Alps and Rhine families are the first radar SoCs with Antenna in Package to have been mass-produced in the world. The AiP technology helps to reduce antenna design and eliminate the use of high-frequency laminate, resulting in a shorter radar R&D and production cycle, a further lowered cost, and an extremely compact radar module size. These advantages make Calterah AiP SoCs desirable for emerging ultra-short-range radar applications, such as side radar and tail gate radar.

Calterah, Leading Provider of mmWave Radar SoCs with Proven Track Records

Emerging as a pioneer in designing and developing CMOS single-chip mmWave radar sensors, Calterah has now become a prominent provider of mmWave radar chips and solutions. As announced by Calterah’s COO in an interview at the IAA tradeshow, Calterah has shipped accumulatively over 6 million units of automotive ICs and empowered 150 plus vehicle models to date. To meet the strict requirements and standards for auto-grade chips, Calterah has been devoting its endeavors on all fronts, including:

  • implementing managing and controlling measures in the full product process to ensure Zero Defects
  • having attained Functional Safety Certifications for both its management processes and products
  • having got certified by renowned global Tier-1s and professional agencies for ASPICE management in its R&D processes
  • having achieved the ISO/SAE 21434 Automotive Cybersecurity Certification, as a pioneer among China’s fabless enterprises

As mmWave radar sensors become an increasingly significant sensing option for automated vehicles, Calterah’s leading-edge mmWave radar technologies are being recognized and employed by a broader customer base worldwide. With a prominent status quo in China, Calterah is also actively seeking deepened cooperation with global Tier-1s and car OEMs, with an explicit ambition to stride towards European markets and beyond, providing competitive mmWave radar solutions for safer and smarter vehicles.

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About Calterah

Founded in 2014 in Shanghai, Calterah Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd, as a leading provider of CMOS single-chip mmWave radar sensors, boasts a most comprehensive portfolio of mmWave radar chips in the industry, including 77/79 GHz and 60 GHz RF front-end, SoC, and SoC AiP products, enabling a wide range of applications in ADAS, autonomous driving, and industrial and consumer fields.

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