BorForm™ wraps up frozen food industry’s packaging needs

Borealis, a leading provider of innovative plastics solutions, has launched BorForm™, a new and unique polyolefin for film-based vacuum forming packaging. Developed in co-operation with packaging converter Tommen Gram, this complete solution addresses the performance, aesthetic and environmental requirements of packers, processors and consumers throughout the value chain. It ensures efficient production and handling, and minimises packaging materials and waste, while drastically reducing costs and improving food quality.

GramFlex®, the BorForm based film from Tommen Gram, provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional cardboard and laminate materials used by the food industry for the packaging of frozen goods. It is intended primarily for 5 to 20 kilo transport and storage packaging for frozen meat and fish, however its benefits make it equally suitable for consumer packaging. BorForm complies with full food safety approvals according to EU Directive 2002/72/EC.

Rolf Draveng, Managing Director Tommen Gram, comments: “Feedback from the food industry emphasised a real need for a new form of packaging that would ease transportation and increase production efficiency. They were also facing ever-tougher demands from consumers for environmentally-friendly, appealing and easy to open food packaging. We were convinced that a film-based product could be the answer to many of theses issues and approached Borealis to work together to find the best solution. The result is an exciting new product in our range that addresses these market demands”.

BorForm offers a cost-effective and efficient production process for packers and processors with typical fixed cost savings of up to 80%. Improved efficiency and logistics result from the film’s lighter weight, reduced material usage and the good pallet stability of products packaged in BorForm-based film. BorForm runs smoothly on vacuum forming machines. Furthermore, BorForm material costs are inferior to laminated film.

The increased freezing speed achieved with BorForm adds to production efficiency, meaning that typically 30% less energy is consumed. In addition, the film requires less warehousing space as it is stored on rolls.

BorForm polyethylene (PE)-based film provides superior barrier properties at frozen conditions, and higher toughness and impact resistance than laminated film and cardboard. The potential for leakage, possible contamination and handling-related damages are drastically cut. By forming a puncture resistant, fully sealed air tight package around frozen food, product quality and hygiene are preserved. Furthermore, when compared to cardboard, there is no potential for wet board collapse and faster loading and unloading with reduced manpower is achieved. Products can be stored for up to 12 months longer without quality loss.

The reduced possibility of food degradation and damage to packaging minimises waste and maximises value. From an environmental point of view, BorForm polyolefin film is easier to recycle than laminated film.

Ole Jan Myhre, Application Marketing Manager Borealis, comments on the breakthrough: “BorForm is an exciting new packaging development both for Borealis and Tommen Gram, and for the packers and processors who will take advantage of its many benefits. With its full safety approvals and superior performance compared to board and laminates at frozen conditions, we are looking forward to seeing our latest film innovation in warehouses and supermarkets for many years to come.”

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Borealis and Borouge

Borealis and Borouge are leading providers of innovative, value creating plastics solutions. With more than 40 years of experience in polyolefins and using our unique Borstar® technology, we focus on the infrastructure, automotive and advanced packaging markets across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Our production facilities, innovation centres and service centres work with customers in more than 170 countries to provide the materials that make an essential contribution to society and sustainable development. We are committed to the principles of Responsible Care® and to leading the way in 'Shaping the Future with Plastics'™.

For more information on Borealis and Borouge, a joint venture between Borealis and the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, visit and

Tommen Gram

Tommen Gram is a family-owned business established in 1919. Today, Tommen Gram is one of the leading suppliers of packaging materials in Norway. In addition to serving the Norwegian market, Tommen Gram also serves customers in the other Nordic countries as well as in Russia, the UK and Poland. The main office is located in Trondheim, with sales offices in Tromsoe, Askim and a production plant in Levanger. The group is also represented in Murmansk, Russia.

Tommen Gram's core competence lies in finding and developing modern packaging solutions, technology and materials that help its customers to run their businesses more cost efficiently.

The Tommen Gram Group sells approximately 12 000 tons of packaging material yearly. Of this, 4 500 tons are own production and 7 500 tons are outsourced to third parties.

The main markets are food (fish, dairy and meat), agriculture, construction and industry.

BorForm is a trademark of Borealis A/S.

GramFlex is a registered trademark of Tommen Gram A/S.

Learn more about Tommen Gram at

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