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Water-resistant floors for moments of joy

BerryAlloc has launched Ocean+, its latest collection in laminate flooring to continue the legacy of its pioneering hydro+ technology

Menen, Belgium – March 15, 2021 – BerryAlloc brought hydro+ to the market way back in 2008, making the company a pioneer in 100% water-resistant laminate. Ocean+ is the latest laminate collection to take advantage of the hydro+ technology, making this an easy-maintenance floor for general residential and commercial use.

100% water resistance guaranteed since 2008

Hydro+ is a hydrophobic coating that BerryAlloc applies to all sides of the plank during the laminate manufacturing process. Repelling water away from joints and combined with a secure locking system, hydro+ makes Ocean+ completely water resistant as soon as it leaves the factory.

With a track record of 13 years, hydro+ has indisputably proven its technology for more than a decade of daily exposure to water. BerryAlloc also ensures the integrity of hydro+ with additional accessories to be used when installing Ocean+ for a complete finish.

Realistic wood designs

The Ocean+ collection features impressively natural, matt wood and lifelike stone designs, offering a choice of modern and classic styles This includes the exclusive and extremely detailed Gyant design, but also the unique Retro Chic mimicking Portuguese tiling. The highlight here is the real wood structure with a matt finish, of which the natural aspect is barely discernible from the look and feel of real wood. The collection also boasts a number of designs with a deep wood structure, an ultra-deep embossed texture and super-matt finish that brings the knots and cracks of grain patterns to life for a true recreation of nature. In more classic wood looks, BerryAlloc turns to its wood structure, a great all-purpose choice.

Premium quality floors for residential and commercial use

The collection consists of four different formats:

  • Ocean 8 V4: a versatile 8-mm thick laminate floor with a standard plank size of 190 mm x 1288 mm. All 30 decors are available in this format with a residential abrasion class level of 23, and 32 for commercial use.
  • Ocean 8 XL: an XL format with a plank size of 241 mm x 2038 mm and 8-mm thickness. 10 natural wood decors are available in this format with a residential abrasion class level of 23, and 32 for commercial use.
  • Ocean 12 V4: a standard size (190 mm x 1288 mm) format with a 12-mm plank thickness. 10 natural wood decors are available in this format with a residential abrasion class level of 23, and 33 for commercial use.
  • Ocean 12 XL: an XL format with a plank size of 241 mm x 2038 mm and 12-mm thickness. 10 natural wood decors are available in this format with a residential abrasion class level of 23, and 33 for commercial use.

Easy to install

Ocean 8 V4 makes use of BerryAlloc’s DuoLoc locking system, a proven click install system that delivers excellent strength and a strong seal to maintain the integrity of its hydro+ water resistant technology. Ocean 8 XL, Ocean 12 V4, and Ocean 12 XL are all equipped with a combination of DuoLoc on the long edge and 5G on the short edge, a useful combination for longer planks.

With the compatible Excellence Plus underlay, BerryAlloc ensures that every Ocean+ floor can quieten impact sound by 21dB, helping to create a more comfortable atmosphere in a multiple-story property.

For modern life

Ocean+ is suitable for all areas within a household. Not only your standard bedroom; living, and office area, but also hallways, kitchens and bathrooms.

Maintaining Ocean+ is no different than any other BerryAlloc laminate floor. A tough and highly scratch-resistant surface fights off the signs of daily life. All collections share a residential class abrasion level of 23, giving it a lifetime warranty for residential use. But it’s also more than suitable for commercial use: Ocean 8 V4 and Ocean 8 XL have a commercial abrasion class of level 32, giving it 5 years warranty. Ocean 12 V4 and Ocean 12 XL meet the standards of class 33, with a higher abrasion level. This provides a warranty of 6 years.

Additionally, our laminate floors boast a high dimensional stability due to our extremely strong DuoLoc click system and a solid HDF core. It is this easy-going nature that makes Ocean+ such a joy to live with. Water-resistant, stable, fade-free, scratch-resistant, beautiful to look at and simple to look after, it ticks all the boxes of a floor made for modern life.

Made sustainably in Belgium

Ocean+ wears the “made in Belgium” label with pride. From concept to packaging, the entire process takes place in BerryAlloc’s Menen, Belgium plant under the careful watch of the company’s dedicated professionals. It’s the same team that developed BerryAlloc’s pioneering hydro+ technology back in 2008. As with all of the company’s laminate floors, Ocean+ is PEFC-certified and has an extremely low VOC emission.

Technical specifications

  • 100% water-resistant hydro+ technology
  • Versatile Class 23/Class 32 8 mm laminate
  • High-performance Class 33 12 mm laminate
  • DuoLoc and 5G click installation systems
  • V4 1288 x 190 mm format
  • XL 2038 x 241 mm format on selected wood designs
  • Lifetime residential use warranty

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BerryAlloc is a company that prioritises innovation, quality, sustainability, and diversity. The Belgian-based international company also has plants in France and Norway, with an active client base in over 45 countries. BerryAlloc is a part of the Beaulieu International Group (B.I.G.), a global specialist in raw chemical materials, semi-finished engineered products and a leader in a broad range of floor coverings and upholstery fabrics. Find more information on

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