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Beaulieu Yarns unveils new SDN contrasts and multi-colour looks (up to 6 colours’ yarns) plus attractive soft textures at Domotex 2017

  • New unique contrasts for 3-ply Solution Dyed Nylon (SDN) yarns driven by investments in new machinery
  • One year on: Softitude® SDN yarns enjoying success in soft and durable broadloom carpet applications
  • Meet the team at Stand F27 Hall 5, Domotex 2017, January 14-17, Germany

Wielsbeke, Belgium – January 13, 2017 – Beaulieu Yarns focuses on new investments and developments from the world of Solution Dyed Nylon (SDN) to support the contract, automotive and residential sectors in meeting market interior trends (Stand F27 Hall 5).

Beaulieu Yarns globally supplies high-quality synthetic polyamide and polypropylene yarns. The company works proactively with customers to co-develop yarns that address specific segment trends including durability, softness, natural look and innovative colour combinations.

To reflect its customer and market emphasis, at Domotex 2017 Beaulieu Yarns is focusing primarily on its advanced, unique SDN yarns for high-quality, attractive and more sustainable flooring solutions. Latest developments and investments in the spotlight at Domotex 2017 include:

  • New contrasts and colours: Beaulieu Yarns announces new additions to its flagship supply of unique contrasts, giving customers the flexibility to use unlimited colours and combinations to achieve new innovative looks.

  • SDN multi-colour look: Beaulieu Yarns offers a unique sustainable SDN version of the raw white space dyed look, eliminating the need for an extra dyeing step.

  • New Softitude® SDN yarn applications: following their unveiling at Domotex 2016, Softitude Yarns are already bringing their unique looks and softness to hospitality and residential broadloom carpets, with several Softitude-based flooring solutions set for launch at Domotex 2017. Their ability to meet the trends for comfort, luxury, and long-term wear and tear resistance with today’s preference for a natural finish, plus unlimited colour possibilities, is being welcomed by a broad selection of customers. Softitude Yarns support softness for a wool, cotton and silk look with a durable feel.

  • SDN alternative to Wool: Beaulieu Yarns offers superior, high resilience SDN yarn for tiles and wall to wall to meet the increasing shift from natural wool to SDN.

  • Pioneering development support: the industry-exclusive approach to product development gives customers the possibility to explore colour choices and finalize collections on-site, using Beaulieu Yarns machinery, at the company’s development centre.

Joël Pirotte, Sales & Marketing Director, Beaulieu Yarns, comments: “Beaulieu Yarns is highly regarded among customers for its warm-hearted, partnership approach to supporting their product development. We’re focused on helping customers to create attractive and profitable products that meet the expectations of their end-markets. Our innovations at Domotex 2017 demonstrate this. By listening closely and understanding what our customers want, we can be at the forefront in recognising and creating trends, and offer flexible, high-quality solutions that support the needs of the market.”

For more information, visit Beaulieu Yarns at Domotex 2017 Hall 5 Stand F27.

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Notes for editors

Beaulieu Yarns

Beaulieu Yarns is an independent entity within the Belgian family-owned business Beaulieu International Group and part of its Engineered Products Business Unit. It is a leading manufacturer of polyamide (PA) and polypropylene (PP) yarns for contract, automotive, residential and technical applications. Its products are supplied in the form of bulk continuous filament (BCF) and ennobled yarn (twist, heatset and frisé). Beaulieu Yarns distinguishes itself with an entrepreneurial yet simultaneously warm-hearted partnership approach, inspired by an open, SME culture, to create a wide range of high-quality yarns and related services that are developed in close collaboration with customers with due respect to man and nature.

Beaulieu Yarns has two production sites in Europe – one in Belgium, one in France – and one production site in China.

Beaulieu International Group

Beaulieu International Group is a renowned international group with headquarters in Waregem, Belgium. This industrial group currently holds a solid market position both in producing raw materials and intermediate goods and in offering an extensive range of perfectly finished floor coverings.

Beaulieu International Group is composed of three business units. ‘Flooring Solutions’ is the European leader in wall-to-wall floor coverings (carpet, needle felt, artificial grass, cushion vinyl, vinyl planks, laminate, parquet & wall panels). A second business unit, ‘Granules’, produces polypropylene granules for numerous applications. Finally, the third business unit, ‘Engineered Products’, houses the activities ‘Fibres’, ‘Yarns’, ‘Technical Textiles’ and ‘Technical Sheets’.

Beaulieu International Group has 4,325 employees in 29 plants, 11 sales offices and 8 distribution centres spread across 16 countries. In 2015, the Beaulieu International Group´s turnover amounted to €1.6 billion.

Beaulieu International Group’s entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ambitions make it a model of diversity and evolution within the sector and enable the creation of sustainable added value for customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and for the society in which it operates.

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