Tests confirm new long-lasting surface coating for public spaces proven to kill COVID-19

A new durable anti-viral surface treatment from AFFIX labs has been scientifically proven to last for months on surfaces such as restaurant tables, school furniture and other public spaces while effectively killing the COVID-19 pathogen upon contact.

Helsinki, August 3, 2020 - Leading chemical binding expert AFFIX Labs has harnessed its global experience in disease prevention to create the first long-lasting surface treatment proven to kill the coronavirus (COVID-19). Now available in Europe and the UAE and launching in new global markets, the surface treatment, known as Si-Quat, combines a safe and well-established disinfectant with the lab’s proprietary chemical binding technique.

“Compared to current disinfecting solutions, Si-Quat is a game changer when it comes to reducing the spread of COVID-19 in places such as schools, restaurants, fitness facilities and other public spaces. Tests have shown Si-Quat kills 99.99% of microbes within minutes on any surface that has been protected with the product. But what makes it so unique is that it continues to do so for about a month, after thousands of touches on frequently used surfaces,” says Tom Sam, CEO of AFFIX Labs. “Other sanitising solutions require reapplication to every surface several times daily, interrupting business operations. This results in additional costs and disruptions at a time when many companies are already struggling.”

Rigorous tests were conducted at Portugal’s Biochemistry Institute at the University of Lisbon confirming Si-Quat’s durability and long-lasting abilities in killing the virus. Results show the product adheres to almost any surface including textiles and it is currently the most durable surface treatment commercially available.

In addition, quaternary ammonium, the main ingredient of the innovative surface treatment, has already been widely accepted by major agencies around the globe such as World Health Organization (WHO), the US Environmental Protection Agency, the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) as an effective way to kill the virus.

“Due to its incredibly strong layer, Si-Quat only wears down on surfaces after thousands of touches or multiple cleaning cycles. This means that on heavily used surfaces, such as door handles and counters, Si-Quat will be effective for about a month. On rarely touched surfaces like walls, it has the potential to protect for years,” Sam explains. “By combining proven efficacy, safety and long durability, Si-Quat is emerging as an important weapon in the battle against the spread of COVID-19.”

Requiring minimal training and only basic protection, the product is easy to apply. Technicians simply brush or spray Si-Quat onto the surface and allow it to dry for 6 hours.

AFFIX Labs has begun to roll out the distribution of Si-Quat across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. It is currently available for commercial use through distributors such Logonet in Finland, SMART MIST PROJECTS in Cyprus, BIOTOS GLOBAL SERVICES in Greece and CRYSTALLINE in the UAE with more distribution partners being added in local markets weekly.

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