INCOPLAS, ICEFOR and TOTAL launch at UNES stores first commercialization of bi-oriented HDPE bottles made with ISBM technology

The first product packed with 1L bi-oriented bottles, manufactured by Incoplas Italia in HDPE produced by Total and filled/packed by I.C.E. FOR, are now available on mass market shelves at Italian UNES stores.

Incoplas has continuously invested in technical development aiming at weight reductions, while maintaining bottle performance and quality. For the last few years Incoplas has focused on developing ISBM bottle production using bi-oriented HDPE, with the innovative resin from Total HDPE SB 1359. Thanks to this newly developed HDPE Incoplas is now able to produce extra light and at the same time highly resistant bottles.

This latest innovation based on the ISBM bi-oriented HDPE technology stands out from other plastic bottles by the combination of extreme light-weighting, high mechanical performances, soft touch as well as transparency.

It comes in a standard range of bottles up to 1L, applicable in various market segments. Incoplas Group is also looking forward to customer partners for development of new customized packaging. Compared to equivalent blow moulded (HDPE EBM) bottles weight reduction potential of up to 50% dramatically reduces environmental impact of the packaging. Total, committed to develop improved and better polymers, has contributed to this commercialization providing HDPE SB 1359 resin, which benefits from a unique molecular design capable of being processed on ISBM machines - a real breakthrough on polymer development.

I.C.E. FOR SpA is one of Incoplas’ first customers to trust this innovation and its extraordinary performances. It allows I.C.E. FOR to propose to its customers global solutions at very low environmental impact. To its continuous search for new formulas, plant based raw materials, maximum biodegradability and minimum environmental impact of its products, I.C.E. FOR now adds low impact packaging.

UNES, in line with its mission statement, has been the first to embrace the project, extending its existing range of “ECO” products, clearly distinguished by a green label. By emphasizing the weight reduction in this case for its Dish washing refill bottle, (“–50%” than the average plastics used for bottles of the same capacity”) it demonstrates the environmental impact improvement.

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About Total Refining & Chemicals

The Refining & Chemicals division of Total, a leading international oil and gas company, combines refining and petrochemical activities with specialty chemicals and employs almost 45,000 people worldwide. The division is Europe’s leading refining company and second largest petrochemical manufacturer. It boasts 14 refineries, 26 petrochemical and over 110 specialty plants around the world. It produces and provides its customers with a wide range of petroleum products, chemical-based products and polymers, which are aimed at a wide range of industrial and commercial markets.

UNES - - is a leading player within the Italian mass market distribution, standing out for its commitment to environment protection, for raising customers’ awareness to more sustainable and eco-friendly consumption, by combining affordable prices with excellent quality.

I.C.E. FOR SpA Industria Chimica Ecologica - – is a leading producer in Italy of detergents, cleaners, emulsions, waxes and disinfectants, both for its own brand and for private labels.

Thanks to its founder Mr Sergio Antoniuzzi, and his vision on environment protection, the company has become one of the most leading players within the Italian cleaning industry committed to the respect of nature and natural resources. This is demonstrated by continuous search for new product formulas, using plant based raw materials, assuring maximum biodegradability and minimum environmental impact.

Incoplas Group - – with plants in Belgium, France and Italy, is a European leader in the production of rigid plastic packaging, by using the latest technologies of blow-moulding, injection and cutting-edge development of the ISBM process.

It produces a high quality range of bottles and canisters, including UN approved packaging for hazardous liquids, for a wide range of applications.

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