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New TE Connectivity RJ45 Jacks with Integrated Magnetics Meet Industrial Requirements

DARMSTADT, Germany – May 29, 2017 – TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, has launched a new range of RJ45 jacks with integrated magnetics, specifically for industrial applications. TE’s standard portfolio includes 1x1 straight and R/A, 1x2, and 2x1 form factors, tab up and tab down, and jacks with and without LEDs. These new RJ45 jacks support voltage mode as well as current mode PHY chips, providing customers with solutions for almost every industrial Ethernet application, like programmable logic controllers (PLCs), motion controllers and high-end industrial computers.

TE’s RJ45 jacks with integrated magnetics are made specifically for the industrial market and have a product life cycle aligned with the industrial applications, lowering maintenance costs drastically.

Improved reliability results from the jacks’ ability to endure continuous operating temperatures up to 85 degrees Celsius, which is normally out of scope for RJ45 connectors (which usually cap out at 70°C). Increased gold-plating thickness limits contact corrosion over the connector’s lifetime, increases the vibration resistance and improves the number of mating cycles. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) performance is superior due to a higher number of EMI springs (panel ground) compared to competitor products—TE jacks have ten springs in the stacked configuration, competitor products have six.

TE’s RJ45 jacks with integrated magnetics support a cost-effective, infrared-reflow PiP (pin in paste) soldering process with high-temperature LCP (liquid crystal polymer) material, eliminating the need for an extra assembly step when compared to wave solderable RJ45s. Tray packaging and tape & reel packaging for automatic pick-and-place handling are available.

“As automation and the need for connectivity increases in factories worldwide, our engineers continue to develop reliable solutions for industrial Ethernet applications that help customers improve connectivity, reduce downtime and are more cost-effective,” said Ruud van den Brink, product manager. “TE’s RJ45 jacks with integrated magnetics along with our field installable industrial RJ45 cable plugs offer customers an integrated solution that is engineered for that harsh industrial environment.”

For full product details, please visit www.te.com/rj45magnetics.

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