SONGWON launches new image & presents high performance solutions at K 2016

  • SONGWON launches new company image
  • SONGWON broadens specialty chemicals portfolio
  • SONGWON expands global manufacturing footprint

Ulsan, Korea – October 19, 2016 – SONGWON Industrial Co., Ltd., the 2nd largest manufacturer of polymer stabilizers in the world, and key global player in the specialty chemicals business launches its new company image and showcases a broad range of high performance solutions at the K 2016.

Since its foundation in 1965, SONGWON has progressively grown from being the only plastic additives manufacturer in Korea to a global leader in the development, production and supply of specialty chemicals. To communicate the new direction and support this fundamental shift from offering high-quality polymer stabilizers to the wider field of specialty chemicals, including lubricants, tin intermediates, PVC stabilizers and polymers, SONGWON has launched a brand new visual identity.

SONGWON’s new image

SONGWON’s new image displays a balance of industry and people to highlight the science behind SONGWON and its human essence. The company’s new tagline ‘It’s all about the chemistry’ was created to emphasize the role that chemistry plays in people’s daily lives, the sustainable chemistry base behind SONGWON’s solutions and the importance of ‘chemistry’ between people – for example, between SONGWON and customers, between the customer and their customers or within the SONGWON global team. Additionally, to further support this important aspect, the shape of SONGWON’s logo is graphically used throughout the organization’s marketing tools. SONGWON has also created and launched a new website which has a clearer structure and is easy to navigate.

Commenting on the refreshed corporate image, SONGWON’s CEO, Maurizio Butti said: “SONGWON has grown and evolved into a truly global player in the industry, and a key supplier of specialty chemicals. Going forward, it was important for us to align the organization’s image with our new direction and group structure. What you see captures what SONGWON has become and where we are heading.”

SONGWON’s high performance solutions

At K 2016, SONGWON is showcasing its latest high performance solutions and technical expertise. With over 50 years of industry experience, the company has traditionally placed great importance on building strong customer and supplier relationships. By understanding the challenges its customers face on a daily basis, SONGWON strives to help them meet current demands. Most recently, the company has concentrated its efforts on offering customers an even more balanced business portfolio. With its latest solutions, SONGWON has positioned itself to not only win an additional share of existing markets, but also to successfully expand into new ones.

During K 2016, SONGWON will be presenting its high performance solutions and customers will also have the chance to learn more about SONGWON’s new range of:

  • Long-term thermal stabilizers (LTTS)

  • Coatings stabilizer solutions

  • Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) resins

  • Functional monomers

Long-term thermal stabilizers (LTTS) -

a full range of stabilizers for un-filled, talc and glass-filled PP that provide a cost-efficient alternative to the existing solutions available. SONGXTEND® 2124 has already enabled one global customer to reduce costs in its glass fiber reinforced PP application while exceeding 1000h at 150° C, long-term thermal stability.

Coatings stabilizer solutions -

a portfolio of coatings antioxidants (AOs), UVAs and HALS effectively protect coatings against the negative effects of light and heat, while improving performance and offering excellent process and end-product benefits.

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) resins -

with excellent physical and technical properties, SONGSTOMER™ TPUs are ideally suited for extrusion and injection molding and can be customized according to customers’ requirements.

Functional monomers -

improved leading edge materials that meet the most demanding industrial performance requirements. With its backward integration into several key raw materials and manufacturing expertise, SONGWON can produce functional monomers according to customers’ requirements – from lab scale quantities to full scale volumes.

SONGWON rewarded for product innovation

For its commitment to innovation in the polymer stabilizers market, SONGWON has been honored with a 2016 New Product Innovation Award from Frost & Sullivan. The highly regarded, global research and consulting firm, based its decision on the result of its independent analysis and evaluation of two key factors — New Product Attributes and Customer Impact. Frost & Sullivan’s analysts acknowledged SONGWON’S excellent product innovation and business development strategy, as well as its customer-oriented approach to developing new products.

“Receiving the 2016 Product Innovation Award from Frost & Sullivan is a great honor for SONGWON,” said Butti. ”We have always been driven by customer-focused innovation and motivated by the positive impact our products and solutions have on our customers’ businesses.”

Innovation focus

Over the years, as customers’ needs become more specific and complex, being a leading player in the chemical industry has become increasingly more challenging. One of the keys to SONGWON’s success lies in its strong R&D and ability to work closely with customers to create solutions that meet today’s demands.

To strengthen its current R&D facilities, SONGWON is well underway with plans to establish a new Technical Excellence Center, in January 2017, at its world class manufacturing facility, Maeam in Korea.

Furthermore, continuing its efforts in joint development, together with SABO, the company is also currently working on launching a new light stabilizer for the automotive industry, which is even more effective in terms of cost and performance. In addition, SONGWON plans to further expand its functional monomers range into specialty polyimide and acrylate monomers, in order to be able to offer customers the broadest based portfolio of industrial solutions.

High quality, reliable supply

Fully backward integrated in alkyl phenols and further integrated into isobutylene, SONGWON uses its proprietary technology to deliver the highest levels of quality and consistency together with security of supply. In order to respond to the requirements of the markets it serves, the company has continued to expand its global manufacturing footprint and increase its production capacity. For example, SONGWON plans to increase its high end TPU capacity at the beginning of 2017.

SONGWON has also expanded its global one pack systems (OPS) manufacturing footprint in two important regions this year. In response to the increasing demand for OPS in the Middle East, SONGWON opened a new state-of-the-art facility at the beginning of 2016 in Abu Dhabi, with an initial capacity of 7000 mt/y.

The other new SONGWON world class facility, located in the Qingdao area of Eastern China will come onstream in November. Dedicated to the production of SONGNOX® One Pack Systems, the plant will have an initial capacity of 2000 mt/y, but just like SONGWON’s other plants, it was designed to enable further capacity expansion in view of an increased demand for OPS.

Looking forward to new opportunities

At K 2016, SONGWON will be using the unique opportunity to reveal its ‘new face’ to the industry and showcase its latest range of solutions for the diverse markets and applications it serves.

“As an experienced partner in the industry, we create value for our customers through our commitment to growth, innovation and sustainability.” says Butti. “Every product and service SONGWON provides starts with listening to our customers and understanding their challenges. K 2016 is a unique opportunity for us to meet customers, strengthen relationships and discover potential opportunities.”

SONGWON’s global and local representatives will be in Hall 6, Booth B07 at K 2016 from October 19-26.

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SONGWON, which was founded in 1965 and is headquartered in Ulsan, South Korea, is a leader in the development, production and supply of specialty chemicals. The second largest manufacturer of polymer stabilizers worldwide, SONGWON operates group companies all over the world, offering the combined benefits of a global framework and readily accessible local organizations. Dedicated experts work closely together with customers to develop tailor-made solutions that meet individual requirements.

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