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Sittard,The Netherlands, October 21, 2016 - Despite all available modern technology, about one-third of food produced today for human consumption still is lost or wasted. That’s equivalent to a staggering 1.3 billion tons of food every year, according to the Save Food report by the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. An additional 4% of transported goods in Europe are damaged in some shape or form.

Add to that the ever-increasing consumer demands for new shapes, high transparency and easy-to-open packaging, along with impeccable surface appearance, attractive graphics, user convenience and the trend toward pre-packed foods. Brand owners are challenged to deliver all this, while at the same time lowering their carbon footprint and being good stewards of the environment. Packaging suppliers need to rise to the occasion.

SABIC is doing just that this fall at the K 2016 trade show in Düsseldorf, where it will display an array of innovative packaging products and materials at Stand D42 in Hall 6.

With a strong focus on sustainability and an underlying theme of “Chemistry that Matters™”, SABIC will demonstrate options that advance the vital aspects of food safety, presentation, protection and preservation, as well as providing benefits for the packaging and safe shipping of goods.

Experts will be on hand to discuss some of SABIC’s latest and most notable packaging developments, which include the newest solutions and technologies related to rigid packaging and flexible films, caps and closures, protective foam packaging and foamed bottles, non-wovens, industrial containers, thin-walled packaging and renewable polyolefins.

“The need has never been greater to find efficient solutions to the challenges – especially in food packaging – that the world faces today. At SABIC, we’re proud to have the expertise and the broad product portfolio to help make a difference,” said Mark Vester, Business Director, Polyethylenes Europe.

The packaging solutions that SABIC will showcase focus on:


SABIC offers services and material solutions, in both the flexible and rigid packaging industry, by developing products and technologies that enable stronger, safer, cleaner and more sustainable packaging options compared to traditional materials. Its innovations in flexible packaging already significantly contribute to minimizing food waste.

Shrink and stretch films made using SABIC’s multilayer and polymer blend technology, for example, enable manufacturers to reduce transport losses, optimize protection of goods and maximize pallet stability. These resins also facilitate down gauging, which can reduce film thicknesses by up to 20%, while still offering strength, toughness and fast processing speeds.

SABIC’s foam solutions, meanwhile; also help to minimize product damage during shipping, as well as potentially reducing the weight of the end-products. Its fast-converting low-density polyethylene foam grade for protective packaging, SABIC® LDPE 2102FC foam can reduce the total cost of ownership. It offers up to 50% shorter degassing storage time at the foam manufacturer and 5% higher production efficiency, due to less manufacturing waste and better foam consistency.

SABIC’s new LDPE film grade, SABIC® LDPE 2402H0 film, for example, offers excellent draw-down ability and runs stable with a reduced film thickness with up to 40% in the manufacturing of very thin-gauge packaging, as well as providing full compliance with stringent food-contact regulations for a broad range of applications.

Other options in the SABIC® PE/PP portfolio also help reduce packaging weight for both food and non-food applications, for example in flexible pouches. The results include improvements in pouch stiffness, sealing performance and retortability. The use of fillable pouches can offer a huge environmental advantage, versus transporting prefilled, rigid containers.

Heightened consumer scrutiny and more stringent regulations are combining to make secure, safe food packaging more vital than ever. SABIC offers several flexible packaging solutions and services that focus on resin and packaging purity, and on organoleptic properties. These includes a new LLDPE grade with a nature-inspired, high-performance stabilization package, high-purity LDPE resins, and phthalate-free biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) materials.

SABIC also will display caps and closures made with its SABIC® HDPE CC860V grade. This material meets the highest rating by OEMs for still water applications.

In addition, SABIC is introducing a new octene metallocene portfolio that includes SABIC® SUPEER™ (mLLDPE), SABIC® COHERE™ (polyolefin plastomer, or POP) and SABIC® FORTIFY™ (polyolefin elastomer, or POE). These resins use a leading-edge technology that combines the bimodal solution process and proprietary metallocene catalyst to yield a state-of-the-art molecular design. The resulting materials offer a variety of very high-performance properties and can be typically used for manufacturing flexible (food) packaging and wrapping materials.

Meanwhile, the new SABIC® PP FLOWPACT products are excellent candidate for thin-wall food packaging applications where a good balance of high stiffness and high flow is required. The resulting down gauging to lighter-weight rigid packaging can yield material savings of up to 9%, combined with lower processing temperatures and shorter cycle times.

SABIC offers various grades of polypropylene for cast-film food packaging (such as bread, pasta and pet food) that demands excellent optical properties, superior puncture and tear resistance, and temperature resistance for hot-fill applications.

SABIC® HDPE ICP5506, meanwhile, is typically used for industrial packaging containers. It offers improved stress cracking resistance, and potential weight savings of up to 7%.

SABIC also at the K Show will showcase its renewable resins based on renewable feedstock sources. Elopak beverage cartons, for instance, feature a second-generation, renewable coating using SABIC materials. From sourcing to final production, SABIC’s renewable polyolefin resins require 84% less fossil fuel to manufacture than fossil-based materials, and are fully recyclable.

Finally, SABIC will be showcasing its new campaign called “Talking Chemistry That Matters™”, a series of films, in which customers in various sectors highlight the successful collaboration between them and SABIC, creating “Chemistry that Matters™’. These include:

  • Efekt Plus -- a Polish stretch-film producer ( that has partnered with SABIC since the family owned company launched 10 years ago. SABIC has been the main supplier for suitable PE grades for their flat and extrusion lines, and even developed a customized solution for their 6-meter-wide cast production line, the largest one in the world.
  • Saudi Almarai -- one of the largest food and beverage companies in the Middle East, and the world’s largest vertically integrated dairy operator ( Almarai has benefited from the application of SABIC’s material science into its innovative packaging for the fast-moving consumer goods market.
  • Takween Advanced Industries -- a Saudi public company that uses sheet extrusion, thermoforming, blow molding and injection molding to manufacture high-quality product packaging, as well as non-woven textiles used for consumer goods ( The two companies have been collaborating for the past 25 years, with SABIC helping Takween to boost its packaging speeds, facilitate replacement of metal and paper food packaging, downgauge its film, and add other functional attributes to its expansive product line.
  • Futamura Chemical -- a leading producer of plastic films in Japan for 65 years ( has been working with SABIC for over a decade. Considered as a reliable global supplier to Futamura, SABIC supplies PP for their flexible packaging. The relationship between SABIC and Futamura continues to expand into new material solutions. This broader offering helps Futamura to diversify their product portfolio and enter in new markets in Asia.

Visit SABIC at Stand D42 in Hall 6, at K 2016, from 19 to 26 October 2016. For more information, please go to

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SABIC is a global leader in diversified chemicals headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We manufacture on a global scale in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific, making distinctly different kinds of products: Chemicals, Plastics, Agri-Nutrients, Metals, and Specialties.

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SABIC has more than 40,000 employees worldwide and operates in more than 50 countries. Fostering innovation and a spirit of ingenuity, we have filed more than 10,960 patents, and have significant research resources with innovation hubs in five key geographies – USA, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia and North East Asia.

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At SABIC, we combine a rich track record of doing what others said couldn’t be done, with a deep understanding of our customers. But our true impact is as a partner who can help our customers achieve their ambitions by finding solutions to their challenges. We call this ‘Chemistry that Matters™’.

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