Veritas AG Selects Moog Simulation Table for Testing Fluid Tank Systems

East Aurora, NY, USA, April 9, 2015 – Moog Industrial Group, a division of Moog Inc. (NYSE: MOG.A and MOG.B) was selected by Veritas AG, a global leader in the production of fluid systems, molding parts and thermo systems for the automotive industry, to supply the Moog Electric Simulation Table with Tilt. This innovative test system (patent pending 1) was specially designed for testing the behavior of fluid in in automotive fuel and fluid tank systems, a test application that requires large angular motions. Veritas AG ordered the system to perform tests on automotive SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) fluid tanks that are used to inject liquid-reducing agents in catalytic converters for the reduction of harmful emissions. The test system has been successfully installed and currently Veritas AG is performing the first series of tests.

The Electric Simulation Table with Tilt is designed to perform dynamic liquid sloshing tests, and has the ability to simulate real-world road conditions. This new technology development has already been adopted by Fiat Group Automobiles (FGA), now called Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) for testing fuel tank systems. The behavior of the liquid and components of the tank system can be tested and evaluated in a confidential laboratory setting, as opposed to a test track. The test results will allow Veritas AG to make the right choices when developing new fluid tanks. The company chose the Moog system because it is specially designed for this application, uses plug and play electric actuation technology and is easy to use and maintain.

The Moog test system is comprised of an Electric Simulation Table with an innovative additional tilt table on top for increased pitch and roll motion. The Electric Simulation Table is used to reproduce the higher frequency road profiles, where the tilt table can simulate the cornering and acceleration behavior of the vehicle. This enables Veritas AG to include various conditions during driving that lead to extreme fluid-sloshing effects, such as instant braking or very sharp cornering maneuvers. In addition, the Moog Replication test software module will enable Veritas AG to replicate and play out time history drive files that were recorded at the test track.

“We are pleased to see that the innovative Electric Simulation Table with Tilt is fully embraced by the market as the effective solution to simulate liquid sloshing behavior and test fluid tank systems in a safe and controlled laboratory setting”, says Marie-Laure Gelin, Solutions marketing manager test and simulation at Moog.

An Electric Simulation Table is designed to perform product development tests and driver simulation research. Position, velocity and acceleration are controlled by the system through integrated control hardware and software. In addition to the electric actuators of the simulation table, the tilt table features two electric actuators for increased pitch and roll motions up to 30 degrees. The total pitch and roll angles of the test system exceed 50 degrees.

The Electric Simulation Table with Tilt is part of the Simulation Table product range, which also contains various hydraulic solutions for high frequency durability and fatigue testing. Tests that are typically performed with electric simulation tables include: Driving simulation, ride and comfort testing, qualitative evaluation of human response, vehicle components testing, NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness), BSR (Buzz, Squeak and Rattle testing), turret testing, antenna testing and medical research applications.

1Patent-pending (WO 2013/178828 A1)

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