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Milliken is an innovation company that has been exploring, discovering, and creating ways to enhance people’s lives since 1865. Our community of innovators has developed one of the larger collections of United States patents held by a private U.S. company. With expertise across a breadth of disciplines including specialty chemical, floor covering, and performance materials, we work around the world every day to add true value to people’s lives, improve health and safety, and make this world more sustainable. For more information, visit

Milliken & Company’s Chemical Division

Milliken & Company’s Chemical division has grown to become a leading global supplier of coatings, specialty chemicals and advanced additive and colorant technologies since its conception in 1957. The division that was founded to supply proprietary processing chemicals within Milliken’s operations has since expanded into many diverse industries and markets, ranging from plastics to children’s art products. Milliken’s Chemical division has application and development centers around the world and is committed to customer support. For more information about Milliken’s Chemical division, please visit

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Milliken at Interpack 2017 to highlight the protection offered to PET packaging by its ClearShield® UV absorbers

Milliken at Interpack 2017 to highlight the protection offered to PET packaging by its ClearShield® UV absorbers.
(Photo © 2017 Milliken & Company, all rights reserved, MKPR167)Ghent, Belgium – At the Interpack 2017 show in Germany, Milliken Chemical will demonstrate how its ClearShield® Colorless UV Absorbers bring real value to PET packaging by effectively protecting UV-sensitive contents from degradation while maintaining the material’s clarity and transparency.

Milliken Acquires Keystone Aniline Corporation to Better Serve Global Colorant Customers

PHOTOS: Keystone brings exceptional colorant formulation skills and application development technology to the acquisition.Ghent, Belgium – Milliken & Company, a leading supplier of polymer-bound colorants and additives, today announced that it has acquired Keystone Aniline Corporation, a global leader in dyes, pigments, pigment dispersions and polymers, headquartered in Chicago, Ill. This move joins two successful organizations with complementary expertise and capabilities to offer customers a broader array of advanced colorant solutions, technologies and services. Further, the acquisition enables customers to streamline their supply chains by allowing them to obtain a wider range of products from a single source. Customers will see enhanced reliability of supply through Milliken’s acquirement of Keystone’s multiple facilities around the world.

Let Milliken help you bring your foam mattress to life with a splash of color

Encapsys’ encapsulated PCM provides lasting cooling comfort and has superior thermal performance, prompting the tagline “Experience Personal Comfort Management…with EnFinit.”
(Photo © 2017 Encapsys, all rights reserved, MKPR166)Ghent, Belgium — Deep Color Foam is an important trend, giving mattress manufacturers the opportunity to diversify their product lines and stand apart from the competition. Milliken Chemical has the tools to make Deep Color Foam a reality, and will be showcasing the bright, bold end results at Interzum 2017.

Milliken to highlight its clear packaging solutions at Interpack 2017

Milliken to highlight its clear packaging solutions at Interpack 2017.
(Photo © 2017 Milliken & Company, all rights reserved, MKPR165)Ghent, Belgium – Leading polyolefins additives supplier Milliken has innovative solutions to showcase at the upcoming Interpack 2017 trade fair for clear packaging applications in polypropylene and PET. At that May 4-10 show in Düsseldorf, Milliken will demonstrate why NX™ UltraClear PP is the optimal, cost-effective option to help brand owners address the growing packaging trends for both resource efficiency and attention-grabbing appeal.

Milliken’s focus at Arabplast 2017 is ‘Making Polypropylene Clearer, Better, Faster. Together’

Making Polypropylene Better, Faster. Together. (Photo © 2016 Milliken & Company, all rights reserved, MKPR164)Ghent, Belgium – On Stand 6C155 during the Jan. 8-10 show at the Dubai World Trade Centre in the UAE, Milliken will focus on the advantages of using its technology-leading clarifiers and nucleators to improve PP resins, and demonstrate how its UV absorber can improve key properties in PET packaging.

French thermoformer CGL Pack partnering with Milliken at Paris expo to showcase UltraClear PP transparent packaging

CGL Pack will showcase thermoformed food trays and containers made of polypropylene clarified with Milliken & Co.’s Millad® NX™ 8000 additive. 
(Photo © 2016 Milliken & Company, all rights reserved, MKPR161)Ghent, Belgium – Leading French packaging thermoformer CGL Pack will showcase at the upcoming Emballage 2016 exhibition -- now known as All4Pack Paris -- thermoformed food trays and containers made of polypropylene clarified with Milliken & Co.’s Millad® NX™ 8000 additive.

Milliken & Co. at K 2016 to highlight its Millad® NX™ 8000E clarifier for extrusion blow molded grades of polypropylene

New Millad® NX™ 8000E clarifier yields glass-like optical properties.
(Photos © 2016 Milliken & Company, all rights reserved, MKPR162)Ghent, Belgium - At the K 2016 trade fair in Germany, specialty chemicals supplier Milliken & Co. plans to showcase a variant of its well-established Millad® NX™ 8000 clarifying additive for polypropylene that it has tailored for use in the extrusion blow molding (EBM) process. This new additive performs significantly better in higher melt-flow-rate (MFR) grades of PP, and yields excellent results in both optics and productivity.

WM Thermoforming Machines partnering with Milliken at K 2016 to showcase NX UltraClear PP transparent thermoformed packaging

Milliken’s NX UltraClear PP resin offers thermoformers numerous benefits.
(Photo © 2016 Milliken & Company, all rights reserved, MKPR163)Ghent, Belgium – Switzerland-based WM Thermoforming Machines is exhibiting at the Oct. 19-26 K 2016 trade show in Düsseldorf, Germany, and will use a brand new model of machine to demonstrate the clarity that Milliken & Co.’s Millad® NX™ 8000 additive brings to thermoformed polypropylene.

Victor Taichung at K 2016 to produce clear cups made using INEOS polypropylene clarified with Milliken’s Millad® NX™ 8000

Victor Taichung to introduce its new VM-280E injection press at K.
(Photo © 2016 Milliken & Company, all rights reserved, MKPR159)Ghent, Belgium – Victor Taichung Machinery Works Co. Ltd. will be demonstrating on its booth at K 2016 the clear advantage that processors get when they use INEOS polypropylene made with Milliken & Co.’s Millad® NX™ 8000 clarifier technology.

Milliken, Torres Espic & Fecken-Kirfel set to make a colorful impression on PU foam segments at K 2016

PU foaming companies can take advantage of Fecken-Kirfel’s comprehensive portfolio of German-manufactured foam cutting machines, high-tech CNC contour cutting centers and fully automatic cutting lines. 
(Photo © Fecken–Kirfel, all rights reserved, MKPR153)Ghent, Belgium – Milliken will join forces at K 2016 with polyurethane (PU) foam producer Torres Espic and foam-cutting innovators Fecken-Kirfel to demonstrate the persuasive appeal of using the uniquely strong and bright deep shades of Milliken’s Reactint® colorants in combination with innovative cutting profiles to indicate high-end quality, and differentiating features and benefits in PU foams in applications such as mattresses.

New SiVance® C2010 Resin for Epoxy-Silicone Formulations Ups Durability of Protective Coatings in Harsh Conditions

Mandrel Bend Test Comparison After Five Days at 120 C Showing that the Control Sample (left) Cracked and Delaminated, While the SiVance C2010 Resin Sample (right) Passed. (Photo © 2016 Milliken & Company, all rights reserved, MKPR158)Ghent, Belgium – SiVance, LLC, a subsidiary of Milliken & Company, today introduced SiVance® C2010 resin, a new reactive silicone technology designed to create highly durable epoxy-silicone hybrid coating formulations. Specifically, this unique, high-performance material helps extend the flexibility and impact resistance of protective coatings used in harsh operating environments such as undersea drilling, hydraulic fracturing and chemical manufacturing. Compared to coatings made with competitive products, hybrid formulations featuring SiVance C2010 resin enable formulators to help their customers avoid the cracking, delamination and blistering that lead to corrosion and failure of metal pipes, tanks and equipment.

Milliken highlights the power of “Making Polypropylene Clearer, Better, Faster. Together” at K 2016

Making Polypropylene Better, Faster. Together.
(Photo © 2016 Milliken & Company, all rights reserved, MKPR149)Ghent, Belgium – Milliken invites polypropylene (PP) producers, compounders and converters attending K 2016 to join with it to enable future innovation across the plastics industry by “Making polypropylene clearer, better, faster. Together”.