KRAIBURG TPE ( is a global manufacturer of thermoplastic elastomers. From its beginning in 2001 as subsidiary of the historical KRAIBURG Group founded in 1947, KRAIBURG TPE has pioneered in TPE compounds, today being the competence leader in this industry. With production sites in Germany, the US, and Malaysia the company offers a broad range of compounds for applications in the automotive, industrial, consumer, and for the strictly regulated medical sectors. The established THERMOLAST®, COPEC®, HIPEX®, and For Tec E® product lines are processed by injection molding or extrusion and provide numerous processing and product design advantages to manufacturers. KRAIBURG TPE features innovative capabilities as well as true global customer orientation, customized product solutions and reliable service. The company is certified to ISO 50001 at its headquarters in Germany as well as in Malaysia and holds ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications at all global sites. In 2016, KRAIBURG TPE, with over 550 worldwide employees, generated sales of 167 million euros.

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Safety and service on the highest level

Ophthalmic squeeze dispenser (OSD) from Aptar Pharma with components made of medical grade Thermoplastic Elastomers of the product group THERMOLAST® M from KRAIBURG TPE for direct contact with medications. 
(Photo: © 2018 Aptar Pharma)With the development of THERMOLAST® M the manufacturer KRAIBURG TPE offers compounds that are approved for use in direct contact with blood and medications. These materials can be colored in conformity with medical compliance requirements and open up new potential fields of applications. TPE compounds of the THERMOLAST® M portfolio can be used for medical and pharmaceutical applications such as primary medical packagings, hospital care applications and resealing membranes.

Aptar Pharma relies on medical grade TPE for eye drop packaging

Ophthalmic squeeze dispenser (OSD) from Aptar Pharma with components made of medical grade Thermoplastic Elastomers of the product group THERMOLAST® M from KRAIBURG TPE for direct contact with medications. 
(Photo: © 2017 Aptar Pharma)With several functional components manufactured using a newly developed, medical grade TPE from KRAIBURG TPE, Aptar Pharma launched its ophthalmic squeeze dispenser (OSD). The Thermoplastic Elastomer components come into direct contact with the medical eye drop formulation. Aptar Pharma requires classification as a medical grade plastic in compliance with the stringent regulations for the primary packaging of sensitive medications.

Custom-Engineered TPE and more

Easy assembly and fast installation: the modular cable entry system KDSClick from CONTA-CLIP with inlays and seal elements of Thermoplastic Elastomers from KRAIBURG TPE offer maximum configuration flexibility. 
(Photo: © CONTA-CLIP)With KDSClick, the connection technology manufacturer CONTA-CLIP Verbindungstechnik has created an extremely flexible cable entry system that comprises inlays and various seal elements manufactured using Thermoplastic Elastomers from KRAIBURG TPE. The TPE specialist developed for example halogen-free flame retardant materials in accordance with UL94 and are rated as Category V0.

New TPE series for 2-component automotive applications with EPDM

Window trim and sealing profiles made of EPDM with molded THERMOLAST® K corner joints and end elements. (Photo: © 2017 KRAIBURG TPE)At this year’s Fakuma in Friedrichshafen KRAIBURG TPE will present a new series of Thermoplastic Elastomers that were specially developed for excellent adhesion and UV resistance in two-component applications with ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber (EPDM). The new compounds of the THERMOLAST® K family are intended primarily for automotive applications such as EPDM window trim and sealing profiles with moulded TPE corner joints and end elements.

High-quality drinking bottles and beverage cups with seals made of food compliant TPEs

OMNI LINE drinking bottle from TIMOLINO made of copolyester with Flip Top, including a seal made of food compliant THERMOLAST® K from KRAIBURG TPE. 
(Photo: © 2017 KRAIBURG TPE)For absolutely leak-proof sealing of its versatile OMNI drinking bottles and CRUISE beverage cups, Timolino uses a Thermoplastic Elastomer from KRAIBURG TPE that combines permanent elasticity with food compliance fully in accordance with FDA regulations and EU directive 10/2011.

KRAIBURG TPE at Fakuma 2017: Hall B5, Booth 5303

The new TPE compounds with adhesion to EPDM are developed for Automotive Exterieur. 
(Photo: © 2017 KRAIBURG TPE)KRAIBURG TPE will use the upcoming 25th Fakuma to exhibit its customer-oriented core competences. At Booth 5303 in Hall B5 the company will also present innovative material developments, including a new TPE series with outstanding adhesion to EPDM.

Innovation with THERMOLAST® M

Innovative “BabyPyke” sunglasses with flexible frames of easy-flowing THERMOLAST® M from KRAIBURG TPE. The sunglasses feature an optimal fit for complete eye protection and hypoallergenic skin-friendliness.
(Photos: © Pyke)Using THERMOLAST® M from KRAIBURG TPE the Belgian company Pyke S.A. has developed hypoallergenic sunglasses with an extremely ergonomic design for babies and small children.

THERMOLAST® K helps protect horses’ mouths

By choosing THERMOLAST® K from KRAIBURG TPE for the soft outer material, beris has manufactured an innovative bit with extremely good durability and FDA compliance that is accepted by horses and facilitates subtle communication between rider and horse. 
(Photo: © beris)Close cooperation between the bit manufacturer beris, manufacturer GPE Plast Engineering and KRAIBURG TPE has resulted in an innovative bit for equestrian sport that uses THERMOLAST® K instead of conventional materials to accommodate the special needs of riders and their horses.